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I'd probably go with TOTAL WAR - Warhammer 3

though a CIV 6 or FG 2 are probably just as worthwhile
Factorio with mods I am afraid.

1500 hour playthrough if I speedrun through it, its tons of fun.
Matewis: Err... I don't think there is anything that I wouldn't start to hate after a couple of years of not being able to play anything else :P

If I absolutely had to choose? Perhaps something with a powerful editor / modding capability so that I can at least try and create my own stuff to freshen up the experience. Not sure what though.

As for what I could probably stand to play the longest? Possibly OpenTTD, Dwarf Fortress or Kerbal Space Program. The former and latter might do for the preceding question though, because of modding options.
Apunami: I only own openttd since it's free and have played KSP on my friend's computer (can't afford it rn but on my wishlist)
You could try this free space sim
Apunami: I only own openttd since it's free and have played KSP on my friend's computer (can't afford it rn but on my wishlist)
§pec†re: You could try this free space sim
Oh thank you so much, would love to try it soon!
I guess I would go with Stronghold Crusader or Anno 1404, but most likely Stronghold Crusader.
Streets of Rage 4 or alternatively Lego DC Super Villains.
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Interesting thread. I love this kind of games with can give you an infinite amount of replay value. I will place few games I played hundreds of hours.

- League of Legends: Even if I had to destroy my account to stop playing, this would be the game I'd choose. It's extremely addictive on competitive people like me. It was literally destroying my life. But it can give you infinite amount of hours without getting bored. Think on 'football', where the game is always the same, but these like it, may be watching it a lifetime.

- Silent Hunter 3 (may be replaced by UBOAT): I have around 7600h on this one, I've been playing since its release days, with multiple mods. It's quite obsolete right now, but it's still playable with mods, and hopefully UBOAT, which is here on GOG, will replace it at some point.

- Falcon BMS: While I did not play it yet, it's dynamic campaign is a luxury rare to see nowadays. If you purchase Falcon Collection here in GOG, one of its extras is Falcon 4.0 which you can upgrade to BMS (Freely downloable mod).

Honorable mentions:
- Factorio: I didn't play it yet either, but judging by the amount of hours people play, I think it could be a good candidate. However I'm not sure about how fun is the game loop. Maybe coding in C++ is funnier if you like this type of things.
- Slay the Spire: I played around 450h to this one. It's very good, but in the long run you may get tired. I still play it from time to time.
- Total wars (Rome, Rome 2, Medieval, etc): Fun until you know the AI and its problems.
- Civilizations: The same that Total Wars, but a bit worse, due to micromanagement in the late game.
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Based on hours I've already put in, I would have to say Fallout 3 could keep me entertained for many more years to come.