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Last year on Saint Patrick's Day we were given a wonderful "Luck of the Irish" GOG promotion that involved bundle building, pots of gold, mystery, and lots of Luck. Since the Double Insomnia promotion the rumors had been flying about a "Luck of the Irish" promotion for 2015 and expectations were high. I saved my pennies and nickles in anticipation, foregoing multiple Indie bundles and also eating numerous lonely meals of ramen noodles. I kept myself in a constant financial state of cat-like readiness for the promotion I just knew had to be coming on Saint Patrick's Day. But today I awoke not to frantic bundle building and forum chatter about pots of gold and Irish greenery, but just to a normal day with a couple of ordinary game releases. As if somehow millions of people weren't rampaging through the streets of their cities and towns, dressed in their green finery, throwing green dye into their fountains, rivers and streams, grabbing smallish men, or manly looking children, and hoisting them above their heads whilst shaking them violently, all in a loving attempt to commemorate Irish folklore while cunningly checking for possible gold coins in the pockets of potential leprechauns, who as everybody knows, do secretly live amongst us.

There is no such thing as too many special GOG promotions. We also have set precedent for a Saint Patrick's Day promotion. The green bedazzled masses seethe in the streets awaiting GOG promotion JUSTICE. Tears are streaming down the proud noble visage of Saint Patrick this very second. He awaits his promotion. You think he WANTED to force himself to partake of all of those ye olde bottles of guinness on some kind of lark? No, sirs. He knew that Irish snakes could sense fear, so he knew that to properly fight them meant pouring vast amounts of the finest of dry stouts down his God-fearing gullet, all to propel him into a righteous berzerker rage. And that finest of all drunken men, bedecked in proper green Irish camouflage, went out and suplexed every single snake into submission before throwing them into the raging seas. So all of those drunken masses today are actually honoring his noble sacrifice, as should GOG, with a proper GOG Promotion...

It's time to look to the past, and remember the heroes you could be once again.
seaspanky: <snip>
Well, we did all get a chance for a free game yesterday...
Again, you had to be lucky...?
Ah, that was my first GOG promo. Good memories.
Time to shamelessly link to my St-Patrick giveaway, hum hum....
I was a little disappointed that we didn't have a Luck Of The Irish promo again this year. That said, it's not like it's been a full year since we had that promo type. The Mutator promo from late last year was just a re-working of the LOTI promo. The Insomnia promo took nearly a full year off before it came back a couple weeks ago. GOG may be putting this sale type on ice for a short while before it eventually returns. But, like James Bond (who's been played by an Irishman), I think we'll see this promo return soon.
Meh, we got insomnia sales (with lots of free games for the lucky people) so i guess it's ok.