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Can't argue with the mystical power of The Quiz.

This Spring Sale is all about fresh beginnings and self discovery. Those who are looking for the most acclaimed and beloved representatives of each genre need only look at our Favorites collections. But if you enjoy trying new things, we have several offbeat, unconventional collections for you to check out. How will you know which one is for you, though? Well, we've come up with a highly scientific, foolproof way to help you find out: an elaborate quiz designed to reveal What Type of Gamer Are You?

Ready? Let's go!
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I got: "You have won The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition" but it did not appear in my library. ) :
That Quiz updated my journal.
By the way, the "How do you shop video games" question is clever, veeeery clever... ;)
I got RavenousReaderCollection. I own 3 games and other 4 are on my wishlist. This quiz is highly scientific :)
I'm a Foodie and Weapons Enthusiast hybrid. ;)
hs1010: GOG called me a hipster, I should reevaluate my life.

Maxvorstadt: Weapons enthisiast? Me?
Hey, my BFG and Susi disagree!!!
hs1010: Susi! Great reference, +1 for you, but only germans are going to understand that. The gun never had a name in the original version :-D
Which is a shame, the americans missed out a lotta fun!
This is a proof, that sometimes the german version can be better than the american original, sometimes.
"The Thinker"
yea I think a lot when it comes to videogames, but I can never do the cool stuff I'm planning
Ravenous Reader

Yes I am
I'm "The Hoarder" and I'm disappointed this took the news post of a new release I could have added to my collection...
Hell, yeah!
"The Crisis Manager"

That "THE" Crisis Manager.
The Ravenous Reader. I like words :D
The Thinker. I'd say it's true :D
It was a fun litte quiz :)
The Crisis Manager. I know I'm a pro. I also own most of the games in the category already! :)
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