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Can't argue with the mystical power of The Quiz.

This Spring Sale is all about fresh beginnings and self discovery. Those who are looking for the most acclaimed and beloved representatives of each genre need only look at our Favorites collections. But if you enjoy trying new things, we have several offbeat, unconventional collections for you to check out. How will you know which one is for you, though? Well, we've come up with a highly scientific, foolproof way to help you find out: an elaborate quiz designed to reveal What Type of Gamer Are You?

Ready? Let's go!
Post edited March 13, 2017 by maladr0Id
Erm... where's the game?

What a waste of a News Post, even something like, you know, reporting about the game that gets removed soon would be a better choice.
Post edited March 09, 2017 by Habanerose
The thinker. If only this faulty brain of mine worked correctly...
Habanerose: reporting about the game that gets removed soon would be a better choice.
Removed soon? You mean already gone, right?
Ravenous Reader. Right on.
Mark another for the thinker. The only game I have in that bundle is Spacechem :)
Add another to the Thinker pile. Which is weird, because I could swear I chose violent options almost exclusively. I'd hate to see your PR people if that's what you consider thoughtfulness.

"Buy Jack Keane 2 right this second or I swear upon all that's holy in this world that your house will burn down with everyone you love inside it."

Then again, the option to skin those jazzy cats alive while using their misery to awaken ancient gods of pain and suffering and in doing so call forth an unending tide of darkness eternal was conspicuously absent, so maybe choosing the closest approximation threw things off a bit.
I got Hipster and bought The Swindle. :)
Weapons enthisiast? Me?
Hey, my BFG and Susi disagree!!!
The Weapons Enthusiast? Srsly? My attitude to guns is straight from KJ Parker's books: they're most fun when they malfunction, preferably in the hands of a villain.
(For the record, my choices were Screenshot, Talk, Badass and Engineer.)
PaterAlf: I got Hipster and bought The Swindle. :)
Good, it's a fun game. :p
Well. Dooh. Obvs! :P
Also, was pretty hungry at the time taking the quiz.
Heh. =)
Ravenous Reader.
GOG called me a hipster, I should reevaluate my life.

Maxvorstadt: Weapons enthisiast? Me?
Hey, my BFG and Susi disagree!!!
Susi! Great reference, +1 for you, but only germans are going to understand that. The gun never had a name in the original version :-D
Thinker is not entirely wrong for me, but the suggested bundle is. I own two of the games, one that has been sitting in backlog for few years, and the other one is supposed to be platformer, with some side order of thinking (and in backlog too). And one another on wishlist out of curiosity, but no way I'm buying it for $40 even with 50% off. Author seems kinda like an ass and decision to build his own 3d graphics engine is not my problem - only big developers can pull this off, and he's no CD project. I don't build my own ASP.NET for my work either.

Now bring out the Oblivion we all know you are hiding, we need some mindless fun after all the thinking!
Fine, play along *does survey* Mmmm, "The Graphics Enthusiast".
So " Games you'd hang up on your wall ".