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Let the almighty Quiz gaze into your soul.

This Summer Sale is all about exciting adventures and wondrous discoveries. But while <span class="bold">the story steadily unfolds</span>, fueled by the community's bold decisions, there is an alternative turn of events which has been left unexplored.

Until now.

Want to apply your own brand of problem-solving to the challenges of the journey? Then this is your chance to find out exactly "What Type of Adventurer Are you?". Just make yourself comfortable and let the almighty Quiz search your soul for answers. Don't worry - no humans have ever been harmed during this process.

Then again, this is the first time we're trying it on humans.

Ready? Let's go!

[The QUIZ is no longer available]
Post edited June 21, 2017 by maladr0Id
A clever scoundrel! I can live with that. :)
The Brains Behind It All
I took the quiz a few times; I am a clever scoundrel, a brutish brute, a legit explorer, AND the "brains behind it all"; so I guess that means: I am Divergent! Yep, I can do it all!
vanchann: The links are generally of two types:<span class="bold">type</span>
and<span class="bold">type</span>
Where type is what applies for you.

So, for clever scoundrel you need the URL:

URLs from the quiz contain also HTTP GET values for log purposes, which are not needed.
Thank you! +1

great list! I've already beat, played or looking forward for the most of those games so the test seems to works ^^
I got South Dakota James; to say, Clever Scoundrel.
Either the one who made the recommended list of games is a real genius, or I'm just into far too much stuff when it comes to games...

Then again, who cares either way? :P
*throws some money at GOG for the few games not yet owned*
The Brains Behind It All.

Pretty much any RPG could have worked for recommendations: I play them all slowly and carefully. Don't like to die or replay long segments. Compulsive saver.
op2017si: Brutish Bruth?

Hell, yeah!
tibus274: My brother in brutish ways! :D
Hehe, nice :)
Just my 5 cents, I didn't like the quiz. I thought it was cheesy, generic and uninteresting. Said it. Daa-daa. And now I walk away in silence.
Worry not, Sir Galahad.

It's only a sales pitch.
Clever Scoundrel and I'm happy :)
I am 'An explorer of things'. Sounds about right.
Apparently I am a blank screen, cause that's all I got at the end
I'm an Explorer of Things!

I like that results.