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Time4Tea: Also, even if you're not a fan of WFRP, the Warhammer Fantasy setting is really cool and interesting low fantasy. The fact it was never used for a 'proper' CRPG (using whatever system) is simply a crime. Of course, the whole setting has now been retired and replaced with 'Age of Sigmar', so it's probably very unlikely we will ever see a true Warhammer Fantasy-themed CRPG. It's a great shame.
I'm definitely with you on this! I never understood game-makers' absolute need to "change things up" story- and setting-wise with new editions. D&D 4e was particularly weird about this with it. Pathfinder 2e did a time skip (and a total retcon on goblins and stuff) and more examples abound.

Setting material is the hardest part for people to learn and remember, and "breaking it" is a sure way to make people resent new editions when you're obsoleting old materials. People understand *mechanical* updates, even for new editions. But the fluff? They know that just changed for change's (and "we want to print new stuff to sell it again") sake.
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I'd like to see Quantum Leap made into a point and click game.
DavidOrion93: I'd like to see Quantum Leap made into a point and click game.
Related: Do you do tabletop games? Check out Time Stories, original run of it. That's basically what that game is.
I want some games based on the Stargate universe. Not the crappy console game that tied into the movie but something modern and open-universe covering all the stuff in SG1 and Atlantis.

Not an MMO though.
I would absolutely LOVE to see CS Lewis' Space Trilogy made into an adventure game. Or maybe even an open world survival game set on, say, Malacandra (Mars) in his Space Trilogy lore.

Speaking of Lewis, I know there have been a few Narnia games but I'd REALLY love to have an open world sandbox RPG set in Narnia, something along the lines of The Elder Scrolls. If I could live in only one fantasy universe, I'd want to live in Narnia and having the ability to do that in a sandbox RPG like that would be incredible.

Oh, also, there's an adventure game set in the universe but I'd also love to see a Witcher 3-esque RPGlite set in Terry Brooks' Shannara series. Maybe something where you play as one of the order of the Druids during the first or second Wars of the Races. The Shannara universe is one of my favorite fantasy franchises because of the world Brooks created so I'd love to really explore that world in an open world game and I feel like a Witcher 3-styled game would be PERFECT for that due to how the Druids are kinda like Jedi in a fantasy setting.
andysheets1975: I've always thought a Mike Hammer beat-em/shoot-em-up would be fun. Just a nasty, mean-spirited, violent game.
Mike Hammer or Sledge Hammer?

andysheets1975: People always wring their hands over how to do a Superman game, but I think a point-and-click adventure would be great. Just use your variety of powers to solve various puzzles and tests of morality and ethics. Which is basically what DC's superheroes were before everyone got so preoccupied with making them punch everything all the time.
Do you mean something like 1996 Spider-Man: The Sinister Six?
andysheets1975: I've always thought a Mike Hammer beat-em/shoot-em-up would be fun. Just a nasty, mean-spirited, violent game.
LootHunter: Mike Hammer or Sledge Hammer?
Trust this poster - they know what they're doing. /sledge
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AnimalMother117: Perhaps the Silmarillion since I think it would work a little better as a game than as a movie.
mqstout: It'd be really hard to make the game worse than the book. ... ...? :)

Yes, not a Tolkien fan. His best writing -- and only story that's readable to me -- was The Hobbit. I plowed through others out of obligation, but, ugh, don't get where the fans are coming from; LotR had moments [mostly the middle of the three], but, overall was just not terribly pleasant and grossly in need of serious editing and abridgment. Especially The Bible But Worse (AKA Silmarillion).
Tolstoy thought Shakespeare was trash, too. But he, like you, have missed the point of the literature. (Shakespeare has been imitated and analogued so much it is basically the DNA of Modern English; he was cliché in the seventeenth century.)

What is impressive about Tolkien, if I may be so bold, is that he writes what is a predictable plot (really, the most basic story of a world almost at the extreme utmost end being saved at the last moment, and how that happened) in what can only be described as BEAUTIFUL language. I suppose someone who wasn't that interested in English as a semeiotic code might be extremely bored by the text, but I can tell you (after reading it aloud to my spouse, twice) that it is a significant accomplishment. (YMMD)

Obviously this has no bearing on any game or movie made in its name. (There are significant differences between Jackson's trilogy, and the prequel trilogy, and the original material; so much so that the estate of Tolkien has refused any further offers to make the rest of the material into a movie.

liam_neeson602: tom cruise's jack reacher
Jack Reacher is a series penned by Lee Child. Reacher, the character, is six feet five inches tall; Tom Cruise is 5 foot 2 inches in heels. Why would you want his version?

dtgreene: Idea: An RPG based off of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. .
Darvond: Games based on Asimov books would be great.
If you include his short stories that would be literally everything! But I concur; there are many rich veins to mine in his bountiful imaginings.

The Foundation series (although it's a little dated with its (magic) "micronuclear" technology) would be good because he was prescient with his prediction about those who would try to use technology to control people.
mqstout: Related: Do you do tabletop games? Check out Time Stories, original run of it. That's basically what that game is.
Sadly, no. Looks interesting.

Cugel's Saga, I agree would make for an interesting adventure game. I'm glad I'm not the only reader :)
Isaac Asimov's Foundation series would make a good foundation (heh) for a series of games.
Wait what? Babylon 5 is getting a reboot? Ugh.
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There would probably be tons of games I would like to see based off of various media, but right off the top of my head right now:

Beastmaster. NOT the movie. The book.

Not a retelling of the story either, but based in that particular universe and based off the premise of Beastmaster.

Sci-fi setting, with fantasy-esque elements.

Control a team of animals, be able to freely explore planets, build your own ship to reach further planets in order to find 'home' (not literal, but basically a place where you feel like you are 'home')
Speaking of Science Fantasy - Thundarr the Barbarian.
Wonder Woman - This year marks the 80th anniversary of the character, and yet there isn't a single solo video game about her.
If the people of Waterworld were more like the farmers from Interstellar and shifted society to farming however they can, they could all fallow Kevin Costner's lead except it's X-Men rules and everybody's power is different. That's the setting of Dark Life and the leading boy uses echo-location (and his sister's electricity) to save his underwater farm from a pirate with octopus-skin.
I can think of a few series I have seen on Netflix that would make for fun (or at least interesting/different) games.
Currently watching the new season of Locke & Key and for some reason I picture this as a Day of the Tentacle style game.

Or how about Altered Carbon (one of the best pieces of Cyberpunk visual media I have seen), there has to be a good game in there somewhere.
I have a very detailed plan that will tragically never happen to bring One Piece to the big screen. 80% of the pre-time-skip era would be made into 4 movies, but there would also be a game about Portgas D. Ace. It begins with being woken up to inspect Blackbeard's crime-scene and ends with Luffy beginning his haki training, and Ace would visit Skypia along the way to excuse the movies skipping that arc.
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