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LootHunter: Was it? I haven't played it (though plan to do so in some distant future) but I've heard that it's a decent shooter.
paladin181: Well, I wanted a different game. It may have been an ok shooter, but the story and premise were flat out garbage, and the MP was not very good at all. I was hoping for something more akin to LOTR the 3rd Age than what was released. I bought it, I played it and I don't believe I ever touched it again after the 1st level or 2.
Just to mention some alternatives, there are also Wheel of Time mods for:


Mount and Blade II,

Medieval Total War 2 Kingdoms.
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Off the top of my head, I'd love to see the 80's sci-fi miniseries V and V: The Final Battle made into an RPG open-world sandbox video game, where you get to choose to play as either a Visitor, a Fifth Columnist or a human Resistance Fighter. So many wild possibilities for an interesting game! :) For example, as a Visitor, you get to fuel a conspiracy against human scientists, rob the earth of water, harvest humans for food, romance humans for medical research, etc. As human Resistance Fighters, you attempt to unmask and broadcast the Visitor's lizard faces, sneak aboard one of their motherships to gain important information, capture Visitors for medical experiments, etc. As a Fifth Columnist, you get to spy on your fellow comrades, form an alliance with the human Resistance Fighters, etc.

I'd love for the game to remain faithful to the 80's esthetic of the original miniseries (and not the 2009 reboot), though I would not mind if it was set in a completely different city (why not London or Tokyo!) with a new cast of characters. And of course, the game would have multiple endings: for example, the Visitors successfully conquer Earth or the humans manage to wipe out the Visitors or both sides lose the war.
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Currently re-reading The Amtrak Wars books and I figure you could absolutely make a video game in that universe somewhere.