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Subject 13 for me :)
low rated
What games? None. I don't buy fucking lootboxes. It's the entire reason I refunded WWE 2K18, and those lootboxes are entirely in game (ie no real money involved). I. DON'T. SUPPORT. ANTI-CONSUMER. PRACTICES.
I needed a new hat:

Warrior Kings on
gixgox: I needed a new hat:

Warrior Kings on

Please be aware that I;m going to be "Out of the office" for the rest f the day. Taking 3-5 minutes for anything to load here and I'm just going to go ahead and head home.
Disciples 2 Gold
Dracula Trilogy
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I had 4 boxes just for fun. :D

1. Tropico 3 Gold ( not bad! )
2. Prehistorik 1 + 2 ( oh the childhood memories! )
3. Die by the Sword + Limb from the Limb ( i don't know this game ... mhm )

4. Sacred Gold ( fuck yes! :D loved this game back then! totally worth it! )
I got:

Screamer 2
MegaRace 3

Bot games were cheaper during sales.
I got Moto Racer 2. At least something I didn't own yet.
Andrzejef: For me (first shot, next I'll make around 19th) -
Urban Empire,
Syberia 2
Post Mortem
Screamer 2

All of them, with the exception of Post Mortem are on sale.
caribou007: you got cyberia from a hat?? that's almost as bad as gog's infamous jack keane midnight special.
ehhhh, what can I say...
want a screen shot? :P
Yeahhh, Skyshine bedlanm redux, always wondering about tha, never tried to buy it, now i can check it !
VR Soccer 96

Dragon Wars

Cyberia 2 resurrection
Star Trek 25º Anniversary

Bought 3 hats and got:

- Screamer
- Shogo: Mobile Armor division
- Star Trek: 25th anniversary