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Ah, yes, reading other posters' comments, I'm reminded I can subscribe to these too:

- buying too many games that I am unlikely to ever play, from genres I have never really enjoyed, just because I got lured in by the graphics, by other people's praise, and/or cheap prices, thinking "maybe this time it will work out, perhaps this is the game that will finally convince me" (mostly strategy games, sims, and old classics I never got to play back in the days).

- confusing the Quicksave button with the Quickload button in the heat of the moment, or vice versa, and saving at spots that turned out to be hard to get out of

- not saving up enough resources/consumables for beating a game in the past (Albion), then being a hoarder ever since, wasting a lot of time on collecting every resource/consumable I can find, with most of them never getting used before the end of the game because I'm too stingy and cautious
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Supporting DRM'd or rental platforms.

Thinking that having a companion console to go with a PC was a good idea.

Not being a GOG only gamer sooner.

Buying World of Warcraft back in 2004.

Those are probably the main ones I guess, or the only real mistakes.
"Save early, save often."

Sometimes I didn't.
Canuck_Cat: Bought a Nintendo Switch Pro controller for PC gaming just because I enjoyed the feel of it. Life would've been a lot simpler if I bought an Xbox One controller instead. Every time I get button prompts, I get super confused. I've bought one game so far on GOG here that I need to open up DS4 to use properly or it crashes my game (Ys Memories of Celceta).
Might I make a suggestion here?

On topic: SaGa 3: Doing a Robots Only Run. I'm at the Pureland, where the game already slows down to a bit of a slog.

OpenTTD: Trusting the orders assistant AI to make sense of the transport network I built. Given it hasn't seriously updated ever, that proved false.

Vita: Thinking hacking this would be as easy as LetterBombing the Wii.

Skyward Sword: Buying the hype.
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Buying a PS2 in 2012. I already had a PS3 and PC and had not been gaming on consoles before 2012. But I enjoyed the PS3 so much that I wanted a PS2 as well but ended up never really using it and the 70 games I purchased cheap for it. Mostly because of getting Remasters of PS2 games on PS3 and later PS4 but also just because I generally tend to enjoy more modern games and graphics.

So all that money spend on two PS2s and the many games was a big mistake but oh well.
Since the first Sony PlayStation was released, I have been a huge fan of Gran Turismo. And every time a new version is released, I'm at the front of the queue. It's the primary reason I have owned every model of PlayStation. Indeed, I purchased a PS4 solely to play Gran Turismo Sport. So after spending hundreds of pounds, and £55 for the game, I eagerly tear off the packaging and boot up the game...

Nowhere on the game's package, or in the promo material did it say 'internet connection and account' required. Without which, you get a single oval track and I think one or two cars. It's basically a minimal kiosk style demo, unless you register and maintain an internet connection. I was livid!

I also never got to play Gran Turismo Sport.

My mistake was trusting Sony. It won't happen again.
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Buying Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty at full price.

Making terrible "themed" parties in Icewind Dale.

Making terrible "themed" decks in Magic the Gathering.

Thinking Mass Effect Andromeda might be at least semi-decent.

But most important: every single time I was upset by doing badly in a game as if that mattered at all instead of just going with the flow and having fun and letting go of a game as soon as it stopped being fun.
I recently relented and played FF12, which I had skipped when it came out. Though the "International"/remaster fixed a few things, it's still a bad game.

Dungeon 2's penultimate level "Absolute Evil" is a fucked up level. I lost it once even cheating resources. Yes, in an RTS, I lost a level cheating for unlimited resources. I also encountered a bug where it didn't progress after a "survive" timer expired. I eventually played it again with invulnerability cheat to complete it (and it still took longer than I would have liked). One REALLY badly designed level. But my mistake? I gave it a few legit attempts rather than going in cheating after I saw it was just going to be impossible.

Gave up on Shadow the first time I played FF6.

Playing Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed while affected by some certain mind-altering imbibements and smashed all my records in ways I couldn't even approach to replicating sober before or since.

Started Guacamelee Gold Edition rather than "Super Turbo..." edition. And saves are not compatible. Also, it's still ridiculous both are available here.
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Using just one savegame in RPGs.
Putting money in a Korean mmo which shut down soon after. I just avoid mmos from now on.
DavidOrion93: Putting money in a Korean mmo which shut down soon after. I just avoid mmos from now on.
A yup. I made the mistake of playing Guild Wars. While the gameplay was exemplary, the MMO parts ruin it. Limited character slots and storage, abysmal drop rates "so you can participate in the economy", and updates/expansions as it went on on began catering more and more to the "elite" crowd that wanted everything harder. And then eventually microtransactions.

The game would be great -- and I'd return to playing it -- if it were redone as a local game with LAN play/TCP play (or 'host your own server' even), so you can fix/mod things around the silly limitations and MMO bits. It's till out there and running, but it's not at all worth my time while it's still an MMO. And while I can't entirely say "it was a waste of time" (since it's largely how my husband and I spent a lot of our first couple years together), I do have regrets. But I'm over the "sunk cost" that might have dragged me back in. I don't even check for annual birthdays or events anymore.
Darvond: On topic: SaGa 3: Doing a Robots Only Run. I'm at the Pureland, where the game already slows down to a bit of a slog.
Assuming you're playing the original (not the DS remake), at least you can do good damage, particularly once you can change into the Iken (and later Venus) form; that Dance talent is *really* good. Even without that form, you can still get some good damage with high strength and martial arts, as they scale better than other types of weapons, particularly later on.

Sadly, robots are rather lacking in the remake; they can only level up fixed damage weapons, and fixed damage weapons are unfortunately quite terrible for the most part. It also doesn't help that they use up durability twice as fast, with nothing in return (basically, they took one of the SaGa 2 robot's drawbacks, but didn't include the advantage that the drawback was meant to (partially) counter.)

As for the (original) game becoming a slog at that point, that's not really been my experience (at least with a more balanced party); once you kill the first boss, you get to a town with tons of stuff for sale, including the first multi-target healing spell. Then, there's the Sword of Solomon (Durrend in FFL3), which allows any non-monster character to do decent damage, making cyborgs viable for more than just healing. (By the way, in the remake, the following boss, the one that guards those ruins and can't be destroyed without removing that curse, is nasty due to regenerating 10% of its HP every round; this becomes worse on hard mode because of the significant HP increase that all enemies get.) And then, later on you get offensive lost magic spells that do significant damage to all enemies, meaning that even final dungeon encounters can be won with 2 spells (in the remake, Flare is so powerful and easy to get that you're winning encoutners with *one* spell, but I don't like to do this too much because other characters won't get a chance to gain stats).

Back to the topic, one mistake I made was playing SaGa 2 (original) with an all Esper (Mutant) party. With that said, the first party I reached the final boss with was an all robot party, though my first victory against it was with a party that had a slime (Dissolve is really good in original SaGa 2, not so much in the remake). Incidentally, I have been planning an all-robot playthrough of the SaGa 2 remake; they added items that allow robots to be effective spellcasters.
Shadowstalker16: Buying Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (at full price). Really believed the hype that it was a ''role-playing shooter'' and had 10 gazillion guns only to realize that its just a loot-oriented and level-based shooter with almost zero character customization and 99% of the stuff you get is trash.
Was that your first Borderlands game?
Breja: Making terrible "themed" decks in Magic the Gathering.
Would making a deck themed/synergetic with City of Ass count for this?
Leroux: Dunno, maybe buying games at lower discounts than 75% off when I wasn't in a hurry to play them. Better offers tend to come along, and games I bought often dropped in price significantly before I even got the chance to try them; sometimes they were even given away for free afterwards ...

And not backing up a creative modding project I did with a sibling in the late 90's; I have fond memories of it and it's a shame that we lost it. :/

I bought Tyranny Gold Edition this year when someone was kind enough to post a discount code (a non-newsletter one).

Only to see a newsletter discount code for 10% cheaper a month or so later lol.

With a backlog of so many games in my library, I really don't know why I make the mistake of buying at the first deep discount when I know it usually means the price of that game (maybe even base price) is going to only get lower.

Lesson? Why buy the game early if it's going to sit on the shelf for years? If only my brain could figure that out before I place the order lol.

Oh and speaking of freebies. I traded for Obduction and was happy, until a week later it was part of a GOG giveaway. Ended up posting the code in one of the freebie or expiring code forums. You just can't win sometimes lol.