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Well, I heard that the developers of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark are making new content for those who own the DLC, including 2 new monsters.

(This doesn't make up for what happened last night, unfortunately, and talking about it here would unfortunately violate the "no politics" rule.)
Last Sunday, I bought Lego Martian Manhunter from my local comics shop for less than $1.50 and felt that the 2 Lego people I was given at the toy-store next door shouldn't be crushed under my water bottle (right hip), so I put all 3 of them near by left knee; only when I got home, my free pirate was missing his gold cutlass! So last Thursday, I returned to the comics shop to ask about it and look around. They had been sweeping when I lost it, another customer may have found and kept it, or either guard-dog might have eaten it in that time! I only looked a second time in the spot where I surely lost it because I misunderstood another customer asking about a 2-foot Darth Vader, but right next to a dog sitting near Martian Manhunter's cabinet, there's the golden cutlass!
Somehow lately everything has been very routine. But today was a really good day. I found myself a comfortable webcam site where I will now spend free time from family and work. I have improved relations with my partner.It was very sad because of this, but already everything is good.
Also, today my parcels arrived, which I have been waiting for more than a month. There are many reasons for joy today!
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Have been (a bit) under the weather for quite some time now and I realized that I need to quit my job and look for something else.

This job really is dragging me down. At least finding a job as a (had to google my job title xD) system integration IT specialist isn't time consuming/hard. :)

That alone is a huge 'morale' boost. :D
My idea of going to the drug store when there was a sports event on TV worked; the drug store wasn't crowded, despite it being a weekend.

(Since we're in the middle of a pandemic, it's best to avoid going to stores when they're busy, as the chance of catching (or passing on) COVID-19 is smaller when there are fewer people around.)

(Of course, this doesn't replace the usual guidance to wear a mask and social distance, though the latter is much easier when it isn't crowded.)
ive actual lee maintained a relationship for four months (...or so)
i dont like them that much (as in never goin' to get srs with them) but still, four months

edit: wait, its 3.5 months. still!
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Been feeling intensely under the weather lately. Feels like it's depression, but unsure. To my surprise, what made me happy today is that I reached out to someone who's traversing a very difficult chapter in their life. I managed to sprinkle some joy into their day during our brief exchange and it made me feel happy knowing I made someone else happy.
Ordered a big chalkboard and it finally arrived!
I was taking stuff to the thrift store, and down in one of the bins was a little pamphlet for the Gameboy Player. Took me on quite a nostalgia trip. Reminded me of the good memories Nintendo made in my childhood.
Doubling RAM in my old laptop.
This post

And I worked out a problem with a friend, it makes me feel good that my friend and I are still good friends.
Antipasto platter, spicy pepperoni calabrese pizza and red wine sangria in the company of a good friend. :)
It looks like nice sunny day.
Walking to work is now a colourful journey! Even on rainy days. Autumn leaves setting the sights on fire, with flaming reds and golden yellows and orangey browns! It has always been my favourite season! :)
It's raining