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^ Nice Post
The house cat licked my hand for the first time, first "kiss" since I moved here one year ago. She is very grumpy and a loner, so everybody was really surprised.
At an average of once-per-day, my bro-sis pair of cats have been catching (very young) mice that wonder into the kitchen, they're up to 5 already.
^ This, strange place that America.
Learned about Project Demi, a Final Fantasy 5 hack that shortens or eliminates cutscenes, allows you to toggle encounters and change movement speed, and also can be made with options to make certain passive skills (notably Dash and Passages) innate regardless of Job (I assume).
Two things made me happy today: my first haircut of 2020 + a quarter watermelon. Both made the current heatwave an itsy bitsy more bearable. :P
There's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but I can't really do anything about it. I got the Witcher 3 and it's installing, and I'll make a little corner of happyness in it. It's fully voiced in German and Japanese!
There's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but those few square meters around you lie in your hands. No excuses ;)
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I have played AER, which is rough on the edges but pretty. And I have begun reading the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in German. It's fun and easy enough for me.It turns out it's a political and economical allegory. Who knew! I didn't.
Rock on fellow Americans(Californians and otherwise) :D
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Courtesy of a heavy thunderstorm I finally got around to start drawing a new picture and that made me very happy. :-)
No work today! Yay! :D Also..., proud of myself for waking up early this morning. Something I never do on my days off work. Managed to get a bunch of things done because of that. :)
Nice. I wake up early near every day, but sadly that's more due to my cr*ppy sleep schedule(can't sleep more than 6 hours or so the first time laying down per day for some reason).
What made me happy today? Hmm... that's hard for me honestly. Because the fact that most thing in life makes me unhappy. But okay... I think there is a little thing make me a bit happy everyday and today, and that is being around with my family, my little brother, the only family I have around me.
GOG dealing with my support request and setting up the forums for Summer in Mara :)