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Tauto: Well, the fluff is complained about and YOU are one of them. Is that a flip flop or a Martha or Arthur situation.
I already explained it's the effects of the rep not the rep itself that bothers me....also, you are one to talk(what with your multiple complaints about those you dislike and all).

fr33kSh0w2012: I'm sick of telstra reps and their BULLSHIT EXCUSES

Funny how on the same equipment EXACTLY THE SAME I got 5.5 Mb/s at my old address in DRUG-MURDER-VILLE!

but here it's 540 kbps with the phone making NO DIAL TONE even though it's hooked up to the socket!

The guy from Mr Telco (who do MILITARY CONTRACT WORK) told me that it's on telstra's side and that a cable is Snapped or kinked somewhere up the road and he said that I don't owe them a dime.
I meant gog rep but whatevs.....also i'd tone it down with the nasty kinda threats against telstra workers so much.....staff might find it rule breaking.
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My Smoke Meth and Hail Satan shirt arrived.

The guests are gonna love it! :D
First day at work after 3-weeks holiday.
My home town is getting an MLS team AND it is the first female majority owned team in the league. :D
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Python and pandas.
Good jazz. Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk!
zlaywal: Rain
What's rain? We are in a two year drought.
zlaywal: Rain
Tauto: What's rain? We are in a two year drought.
This is the first rain at the neighborhood in past 6 weeks or so. We'll take it.

In Java, September going to be peak dry season. Rainy season supposed to start at late October.
Got some ideas down for a novel to my academic adviser, can't wait to get started.

Also, new laptop coming in.
zlaywal: In Java, September going to be peak dry season. Rainy season supposed to start at late October.
I don't remember Java having any notion of September, October, dry seasons, or rainy seasons. Well, maybe it has September and October (perhaps in some sort of date class), but probably not dry or rainy season.

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Absolutely sweet F*** all today!
U.S. on national tv. Watching this poor excuse for a man, say he was insulted by being called a bedbug and for a while I thought it was a put on but no, it was ridgey didge. And I'm still laughing about it.
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Bunnies on /trash/
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Boris Johnson and the Queen!