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I pride myself on being the type of person that will try anything at least once, but I think that might be too much for me.
What about Lutefisk?

Also whut is up with your avatar and title.....o.0

clarry: Yeah, I love salmon, though mine mainly comes from the supermarket :P

Zander is good. Perch and most other small fish you find in the lakes here are great if you bake them in an oven bowl long enough to make the bones soft enough to eat. Season with tomato sauce, onion, garlic, chili, whatever, anything, everything. It won't be so bland.
Just make sure it's actually salmon and not some other fish(Look up adam ruins everything's story on salmon/fish for more info if you have like 3-4 minutes).
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Speaking of delicious fish, everyone needs to try surströmming at least once. Salty, fermented herring. So delicious.
DadJoke007: Salty, fermented herring.
I once saw a guy cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with one of those.
DadJoke007: surströmming
Looks similar to what one of my relatives used to do with surplus fish caught.

Leave them whole with guts, rub with a mixture of salt and chili powder into the gills and over the fish.

Place in tin can for 6 months, sometimes the cans would explode from the gas.

Stunk really bad but tasted so nice, kinda like anchovies.
She done it. Worlds number 1 Ash Barty,congrats and well done:)
Hannah Green,well done.First win and it's a Major:)
I got a compliment on my FPW character.

Shit, I never even thought anyone would notice it.
Blade Runner The Game is getting restored content........... YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
bluesky777: Blade Runner The Game is getting restored content........... YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
I hope they don't release 30 versions like they did the movie. :P

I have four different DVDs of it.
Staff at MangaGamer made me happy, because they were super nice and helpful.
The smell of a freshly baked salt tart. ETA 30 min
food of the gods!
Rabbit in the backyard, chewing green things.
clarry: Rabbit in the backyard, chewing green things.
I have a rabbit in my laundry room.
blue.jpg (100 Kb)
Bloodstained soundtrack is going to receive a FLAC update! Can't wait to enjoy Michiru's new creation! Now, if only GOG would consider selling her castlevania music CDs, as well...
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