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Learning about a rather interesting glitch in SaGa Frontier 2. Now I can quickly learn moves like Reviva and KAMIKAZE early in the game. (KAMIKAZE is, or rather is *supposed* to be, one of the hardest moves in the game, but this glitch lets you learn it in the first dungeon in the game (on Wil's side).)

Edit: Also, had a good concert the other day. (Then again, soon I have a day where I have *two* concerts in one day; hopefully I'll be able to make it through both.)
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playing unreal XD
To finally get a manual of a game that I lost many years ago and thanks to a great member of this forum I have again. That made me very happy today.
Canes! B)
I managed to fix a pop rivet gun :D Thanks youtube!
Opus Magnum.
The Leftovers Season 3.
i've bought UNREAL TOURNAMENT GOTY today!
What a pleasure to come back to play this pearl!!!!!
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New installation of Linux Mint.

19.1 Tessa + Mate Desktop. After few months on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver + Mate I've realized nothing compares my beloved Mint.

NO not those Blues

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A distant friend sent me a beautiful picture of us to make me feel better
I am just happy to have family who loves me
AlexanderBrown: I am just happy to have family who loves me
Funny because I'm at that age when I go to family reunions, I realize why I moved 1000 miles away from these people in the first place. :P
Found a bottle of rare Japanese ink in Australia and bought it, the last discontinued ink I needed for my collection.
Just saw the first trailer for "It: Chapter 2."

I thought the first one was going to suck beyond all possible suck, and it turned out to be amazing, IMHO, so
I'm very excited.