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Tauto: Well done!
Thank you!

ciemnogrodzianin: Congratulations! What was the exam? (:
Thanks. Hmm, let's translate it to "Advanced Theoretical Informatics II ", very boring and hard to understand for almost all of the students that I know, but it's one of the exams where you cannot choose, at my university.

Dogmaus: I'm taking a new therapy and I am optimistic about its effects. I took a good nap and had fun with Candle.
All the best!
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New GOG releases.
got a hold of a very rare coin today, 1887 silver 1 yen dragon coin and its amazingly nice in looks.

and soon after I will get my Gold Koban piece for my Japanese coin collection.
American's, how can they believe the main media's BS every day and then I saw them being interviewed at a rally and understood straight away,why.I had the biggest laugh watching them try and answer simple questions and talk about dropping the ball.
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Dallas Stars.
Discovered the orc king's, aka Grubby's, videos on youtube, and they're great fun to watch :
ciemnogrodzianin: Dallas Stars.
St Louis Blues
ciemnogrodzianin: Dallas Stars.
tinyE: St Louis Blues
St. James Infirmary Blues
tinyE: St Louis Blues
DubConqueror: St. James Infirmary Blues
Hill Street Blues
Benny Hill Street Blues
a dear person is having a great time in a very deserved travel

ESPN is a mess XD
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At the risk of sounding repetitive:
Being surrounded by good friends and being lost in amazing music.

Exactly what i need these days.
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I decided to try Tangledeep (which I already own) before buying the expansion, and am enjoying it immensly, more than I expected. (The ability to turn off permadeath helps make things less stressful, and it also helps that enemies don't do things like steal your equipment or permanently lower your stats.)

Guess buying the expansion does make sense.
Watching this.