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Dogmaus: I made a purple strike on my blue hair
tinyE: I died my hair purple once.
it was meant to be pink but it came out purple on cobalt black lol
I have done purple many times :)
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la la la la *cough cough* I'm a brat,I'm a brat, la la la ha ha ha.
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I got back at them. The indignities i suffered at their hands, are slowly getting out! I always liked real stories (slice of life) and by the gods, i have many ones to tell! Good thing you can tell those online and behind anonymity, too! My pen is as mighty as any weapon in my hand and my descriptions are always detailed and juicy! I got their online frequented place quite stirred up, already! Or they thought i would forgive and forget? I lost their psychological warfare initiated against me, i lost the domination games she initiated against me, but i have many more "weapons" at the ready, in hand! Although people lack refinement nowadays and a rhetor isn't as "dangerous" (to sway the lot) as he could be in bygone eras, i really got under their skin, this time round! I even exposed part of their "dirty laundry", at that!

I ain't retreating! This feint of mine will go a long way, this time round, ha ha! And whoopsie, i even have pics! Good thing i decided to play dirty like them, ultimately. After all, you can fight fire with fire!
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Confession and absolution.
She don't looksie fine.yuk yuk yuk.
Blues have won ten in a row, three strait shutout. :D
Oh, and for all the Americans:

Happy President's Day!
Today is the last day I have to take care of my Grandma. And as much as I like watching Pretty Little Liars, I can do with a break.
Second yoghurt in a row I bought that was not rotten :-) I love yoghurt but the dairies have a severe problem with yoghurt rot around here.
Getting some discussion on these forums about ancient CRPGs, including a link to a blog that talks about ancient Japanese CRPGs. (Many of these predate games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, which are generally considered the start of what are now called JRPGs.)
The Long Goodbye, 1973, with Elliot Gould.
gloombandit: The Long Goodbye, 1973, with Elliot Gould.
Good movie.
I am VERY happy! I somehow located her friend (the one which relocated, that she forbade her from meeting me ever again)! I wouldn't dare hope for a happy end in this vile story...

Now i don't care for anybody from the nobodies of the bunch. And her friend is much hotter and much more beautiful, than her!
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