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That dude cheers me the f**k up.
Went to see the Lions vs Bulls on Loftus - the Lions won!
rugby.jpg (310 Kb)
I deleted Clash Royale from my phone a few minutes ago. I am finally free.
Just got Linux's g_mass_storage driver to work, with the help of a dummy gadget driver that doesn't actually require physical hardware.

This should be helpful once it comes time to try out the gadget drivers on my Raspberry Pi Zero once it comes. (The Pi Zero's micro-USB port is an OTG port, so it can function as a host (allowing you to connect a device) or as a gadget (allowing it to function like a device instead).)

Sometimes, playing around with the Linux kernel can be fun.

(This testing was done in a virtual machine.)

Edit: Also was just able to get serial working, at least to some degree. (Of course, the usefulness is limited by the fact that both endpoints are on the same machine, and I could just use a pipe or socket instead, but this will be more useful once I get my Pi Zero and have the endpoints be on *different* devices.)
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GOG Galaxy

I just want you to know I love you guys.

Also Cyberpunk release date anytime soon?

<3 <3 <3
What made you happy today?
It seems that my results was quite fine - it is Data Warehouse who delivers crappy data ;)
My Raspberry Pi Zero came, so it's now time to try using it as a USB device and see how that works.
What made you happy today?
Finishing this course :)
As usual, the weekend starting makes me happy!
teceem: As usual, the weekend starting makes me happy!
Hey, there is still Friday to fight against...
Gonna move to a new apartment closer to work. Right now I drive 25 miles each way, but once I move it'll be 1 mile. Later this year we'll move offices, and then it'll be 5 miles. So this week I went to the new apartment building with my laptop to measure the Internet speed. Found it to be adequate:

For comparison, this is the speed at my current apartment tonight:
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Let's miles must take about an hour and half?
Tauto: Let's miles must take about an hour and half?
Depends on traffic. Anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.