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I started GTA San Andreas again, for another 100% playthrough! What a great game! Who needs GTA V now, again? It has features that not even V has (gang warfare etc). Plus, new gen games would perform terribly in my current system! Yay and cheers for Good Old Games!!!
I got a Playstation 3 for just over 60€ (600 SEK). Sure, it was second-hand, and only has a 160GB drive, but it would still have been twice that price normally. GAME is liquidating and selling everything for half price, though I don't know if it's global or just GAME Sweden. Now to find some Playstation 3 games that are worth playing.
Packing my bags. Going back home for holidays today! 8)
ScotchMonkey: Lost 8 pounds so far with diet and exeercise (currently 180 from 188 at 6 feet and a hair) .

Can now do 200 situps in a go.
congratulations on that! Every Pound is an achievement when loosing weight!

But please dont do so many situps. They will ruin your back and are not ideal overall strength gain. Try planking or other static abs exercises.

I baught more games! That always makes me happy!
I finally can progress to working on the heart chakra center. Last time i attempted working kai syllable with it, i almost got a stroke; my heart energy flow is blocked for almost an entire decade by now. Had to go back in my schedule and initiate another trial from the past with Toh to attempt and disclose another ugly karmic circle and it worked.

But the remaining chakra centers i have to work with, are either blocked, or problematic; especially throat one, which affects communications (a thing i had always been particularly bad at). But i am positive i can work on them with success, at last.
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2000 posts in this thread. That's a lot of happy, so that makes me happy! : )

(Okay, now 2001 posts)
The money I put into new electronic books has not been wasted. As some of you know I have restarted my electronic hobby after leaving it aside for 2 to 3 decades for computers. Despite working in the industry (in manufacturing) I did not stay as up to date as I thought I did. One example: I did not know NiMH batteries existed in standard size (AAA, AA, C, D etc...)

I must admit I'm also a bit of a recluse, i.e. I don't get out much.

I'm just starting my new books, I wonder what I'll discover next. Maybe someone invented a replacement for tubes, or stereo without having to use two gramophones.
I did another random good deed, while out.
I met my girlfriend's best friend and it wasn't awkward at all. We all had a lot of fun, and I got coffee out of it too.
A good friend of mine celebrated his birthday and sadly he lives across the country so we couldn't meet but we met online and played some NBA 2K15 and had a lot of fun :)
I divined out what exactly the whole summer will be, for me. So much for lucid dreams and late night sleep... Even though it's not a happy one (and it is not going to be, according to the revelation), i still am happy of being able to predict about it, all! I have escaped a dangerous deadline and possible trap, too, so i am pretty happy and content, for the time being.

At least i can make myself something out of it all. I mean, when all goes from bad to worse, lucky few and short surprises are in stock around, to balance things out. But someone has to be sharp so as to detect those on time, or else they vanish before you grab them to refresh you.
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I know I sound like a broken record but Chester (also known as my pigdog) and I went on a walk through beautiful serene countryside and it's hot and sunny as well. I really need to move to a place with a warmer climate...Portugal or the Canary Islands sounds tempting.
I am happy I went to gym today. Finally managed to deep squat 190 kg raw.
PabloEscobar: I am happy I went to gym today. Finally managed to deep squat 190 kg raw.
I once managed to do 190 grams raw. I felt pretty buff afterwards.
pigdog: I once managed to do 190 grams raw. I felt pretty buff afterwards.
Not bad... You got to start from somewhere. To even do that you also needed to get up :)