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Well I would love to dive into for instance Bermuda Triangle,walk into Bridgewater Triangle,climb through Bennington Triangle,go to military airport in search of Project Stargate,walk nearby Project Montauk,witness Philadelphia Experiment. I would be so glad to meet up with for instance one of former US Navy Marines Edward Cameron/Alfred Bielek,Duncan Cameron(I would probably have to time travel use time machine),John Titor,John Zagreus,Rudolf Fentz,Andrew Basiago,Andrew Carlssin,CERN,Mariana’s Web.
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The bot declares its want to be shot to death for trespassing in restricted areas. A real boy would understand this is about things that have actually happened or been done, not blithering endlessly about impossible hopes.
I can not say anything happy, but I will say about something that made me unhappy - some of my coworkers were banned on gog forum. That is really bad habit gog to ban people if their opinion is different in same situation!!! I do not understand you gog, do you work for profit or not? Do you need to do all you can to please gamers so they will buy new games? But instead you GoG blocks almost every person I know! Gamers who buy games every month - you don't touch them and do not punish them. But if a gamer does not buy anything for at least 3 months - you start inventing an excuse to block the user's account or to block them on forum. For such behavior gog, gamers will not stroke your head, but rather they will curse the entire gog company and all its employees! Think about it.
Look stink-stain, directing you to the proper thread for grievances would actually be improper, because you're obviously complaining about justice being done. GOG bans "everyone you know" (most likely all you) because allowing you to buy games would be a net-negative.