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Transiting from one computer to another. So, reinstalling some steam games over there. Having to re-download those behemoths for hours. Also reinstalling some gog games over there. Two clicks, 30 seconds.

Tech is called drm-free offline installers.
It was a bit out of character for me, I think... I spent most of the day crashed on my faux-leather armchair, sitting in the cold and in the dark, staring at my television that was powered off, with layers of clean bathrobes and blankets piled on top of my head. LOL!

Did it make me happy? I can say that it definitely did not make me sad. I guess it was something I just needed to do. Some strange ritual to help me recharge. And I think it worked! xD
matterbandit: It was a bit out of character for me, I think...
Pretty much in character for me. Can comfortably spend so much time "in my head" that I sometimes wonder why I bother with games and fictions.
Hrvatska! :D
Telika: Pretty much in character for me. Can comfortably spend so much time "in my head" that I sometimes wonder why I bother with games and fictions.
Looks like you and I have some common ground. xD When a handful of friends asked how I spent my day off work and I told them, they all said to me: "Not out of character. That is soooooooo you!" LOL!
Had a wonderful time at my Mom's for Xmas brunch today. She's been coping with depression lately (as have I, to a much lesser extent). She did not even bother putting up her Xmas tree or any Xmas decoration, like she normally does. But, she received me and my brother with a most splendid meal, despite the cost of food having skyrocketed. She cut no corners! But I know she made some spending sacrifices here and there to make this Xmas brunch happen. The kitchen was filled with so much love and laughter (it was nice seeing her laugh, to be honest) and the fact that everything was just so "simple" this year, it made it all the more special. So, yeah, I'm very happy right now. :)
Giving our cat some love. Got a cat tree for them for christmas! Now hopefully will stay off some other stuff.
Buying an (used) rtx 3060ti for 350€, now i can upgrade from my 980ti and enjoy all those new Nvidia features :)
Spent a wonderful New Year's "week" with my best mate, who came to town to celebrate with a handful of friends we have in common. He's such a cool guy, the coolest of our gang. I party and laugh the most when he is visiting town than I do all year combined! xD I miss him already...
Sunshine! :D It's been mostly snowy and gloomy lately, but today the sun was quite bright. Went for an extended stroll and did as many errands as I possibly could, just to benefit from the light. Wish some of my friends were available to join me today, but that did not stop me.
Got a new job and starting this Monday. ^_^
ZocomMAX: Got a new job and starting this Monday. ^_^
super, I also found a new job, I like myself
The only thing that pleased me today was fixing the shower in the bathroom. I had been bathing in a basin for about a week and pouring water over myself from a cup because the shower wasn't working. But today the plumber finally fixed that shower for me. You'll ask why I didn't get it fixed before, but I'll tell you that I kept forgetting about it because I was getting home late. But now it's working and I'm happy, so that's probably the happiest I've been in a week.
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Texted my best mate to tell him I was feeling a bit bored/lonely today (he lives out of town). He suggested I pick a neighbourhood I haven't visited in a long time and explore it and to text him photos of any interesting cafes or shops that I'll bring him to on his next visit. xD It turned into a 4-hour stroll! The chilly winter air certainly lifted my mood and that walk did me some good. I was so happy for his creative solution! :)
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