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Today my relationship with my Mom is 100% back to normal and I am so happy! One month ago, we had our first intense argument (ever!) and I ended up making her cry (she is not the crying type, just for context here). Naturally, I felt like shit about this every single day since. For her to have held a grudge for a month means that I profoundly hurt her. She did not deserve that.

It was a gradual healing process... But today, she and I laughed over the phone and our conversation was like it was before. Lesson learned! And so happy to have our friendship back. :D

Edit: I am meeting her for brunch at her place tomorrow. ;)
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Finally being able to POST AGAIN after 2 whole months!
The purple dot finally vanished.

Ok, that doesn't make me really happy but I wanted to write something positive. Even when it is so insignificant as this...
Some dude is adding gear graphics to JA2!!!

This is the single feature I've been wishing for above all else for this already amazing game :D
timppu: Wow, it seems I am going to have an electric car... feels like getting a flying car or something. I haven't gotten a reply from the company yet, but they PROMISED to keep that one charging station reserved for me, until I get the approval. So there is still a small chance they haven't kept their promise, but damn I paid for it already! They owe it to me!
How's the charging infrastructure coming along in Finland? I don't think charging at home is mainstream here yet, as charging stations are starting to appear everywhere around here now (even way out in the bush), so going electric is definitely starting to look like a good option. The market share for electrics is booming too. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready to replace my two Subarus with a electric yet, but they are making a EV too (and it's looking promising), so I can at least stay loyal to the brand if that happens.

Your excitement for going electric seems pretty similar to mine when I found one with the Euro 5 diesel engine for sale though. That thing makes me happy every day.
Random_Coffee: How's the charging infrastructure coming along in Finland? I don't think charging at home is mainstream here yet, as charging stations are starting to appear everywhere around here now (even way out in the bush), so going electric is definitely starting to look like a good option.
I wouldn't buy an electric car if I didn't have an option to recharge it at home, ie. where the car will spend its nights and most of the time. It is just a slow 8A (or at max 1x16A) charging, but that's enough for me. I have a similar (slow) option to charge for free at my workplace as well, which is nice too.

I benefit from an electric car as I drive at minimum around 120km per day, five days a week, plus other driving I do on top of it, so I spend something like 300-400€ per month for gasoline only. The price of the electricity will be only a fraction of that.

I will use the fast charging stations only when I really have to (on very long trips) because at least here they appear to be quite expensive, making it almost as expensive as using gasoline, or at least that's how it seems. Plus. slow charging is better for the battery, the battery doesn't age as quickly as with fast charging.

My colleague has a Tesla (I don't recall which model, but I heard he bought it second-hand for 70000€, so at least it isn't the cheapest model...), but Tesla seems to have some pretty poor design decisions, like the frameless doors which are just stupid for winters. My colleague tells me he has to keep defreezer fluid with him all the time in winter because those Tesla frameless doors' windows try to automatically open a bit before the door can open, which is kinda silly in winter when the damn windows are frozen shut... I hate "cool" design decisions like that that just cause extra trouble in real life. Maybe those frameless doors are nice in California, but not in Finnish winters.

So yeah, instead of some pretty cheap second-hand Tesla, I think it will be either Renault Zoe or VW ID.3, probably the Renault. I already got my charging station in mail but now I am waiting for the electrician to contact me to agree on the day he will come to install it. He hasn't contacted me yet so I sent email today to the company that when is that guy going to contact me. I guess he is busy installing charging stations to other people... I don't dare to buy the car before I am 100% sure I have a fully working charging station in use at home, not going to risk it one bit.
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Woohoo the electrician just called and he will come to install the charging station for my future electric car next Thursday!

Damn, I will probably storm into the car dealer the same day! I hope they still have some of those cars with 3 week delivery like they did earlier when I visited them, otherwise I'd have to wait 3 months which is quite too much...
VVVVVV's new update.

In particular, the Glitchrunner mode, which (optionally) re-introduces glitches from older versions so you can play around with them. (Be careful, as it's possible to get stuck.)
What made me happy today ... finding out that a movie which I ignored for 21 years and watched today turned out to be fucking hilarious. I had a good time :)
I got a good friend of mine from previous work a job at my current workplace. I met him at the store today (we've been away at different projects and haven't been home at the same time until this weekend), and he gave me a beer. Not just any crap brand either, but a Heineken! I will enjoy it deeply. He said he really liked the new job too!
New client today thanks to an old GOGlodyte simply mentioning me.
Gorgeous sunny day, without the sloth of heavy humidity. :D My kind of weather!
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I still have to form the purrito, but my cat is getting better at having his ears poked at twice a day for the blood glucose tests. It took less than a minute to complete for both of today's tests.
There are so many beautiful places in the world that I would love to visit. Every country has amazing views of nature, such as mountains, mountain rivers, seas, cliffs, gorges, and more. There is a wonderful place I have long wanted to visit, this place is Cappadocia. I first learned about this place here. There was a balloon parade and many photographers took beautiful pictures. When I saw those pictures I decided that I have to go there. So today my dream came true, I was in Cappadocia.