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dtgreene: Or what if they made a TMNT Metroidvania?

(One does exist, for the Game Boy; I believe it's called TMNT 3, but I don't remember the subtitle. And yes, it is a Metroidvania, from before the term existed (and I believe pre Castlevania: Symphony of the Night).
Dogmaus: ohhh I'll look for it. I had a Gameboy TMNT game but it was your average Gameboy licenced game, but in the sewers.
I remember owning 1 and playing it as a kid. I never played 2 or 3, though 3 at least looked interesting when Nintendo Power covered it.

It's rather interesting that they decided to take a different direction with 3.
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Just the other day (read: yesterday), I saw a video of someone playing a demo of a game called Sunblaze, which is a precision platformer that draws some inspiration from Celeste.

Then, of course, I look at today's GOG news on the main page, and the game is there.

(With that said, I probably won't pay full price for the game unless it's cheap, as precision platformers are more of a tertiary genre for me, though I did enjoy Celeste. Now, if it were a troll platformer, I might be more interested.)
They didn't call me back for the job...I'll inquire tomorrow :(
But I made a factory reset of my PC and now I have lots of space and German as system language, meaning all games using default language and not letting me change it will now be in German, so I can play Phoning Home and others.
Hmm... What made me happy today well let's see:

Not being involved in a car accident while taking the taxi home and
Not being hit by a car when we went around our blindspot corner up the road!
Doing some research on degenerate triangles, and realizing that they actually have some interesting properties.

(For example, there appear to be 3 types of them, and two degenerate triangles of the same type must be similar, it appears.)
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My chaotic work week came to an end today. Very, very happy! :) I'm tempted to reach for the rum, but I'll stick to some wholesome tea tonight. I'll save the rum for when I get my vaccination shot. :P
Finally know how BigQuery works.
And it looks super easy ;)
I got my salary today! :D
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Accompanied my mom to the vaccination centre for her first covid shot! We spent a lovely afternoon together. There's something very comforting about eating a meal prepared by mom. :)
Being able to sleep more than 8hours..
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As always, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest no-reset speedruns are fun to watch (though it gets hard to follow when it's a race).

Thing is, the game (and the speedrun) is RNG heavy, so while the game is supposed to be easy, there's a lot that can go wrong, particularly when enemies use status ailments or instant death. I've even seen players lose to a certain boss that can be killed instantly.