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My cat hasn't needed an insulin shot now since mid-November.

Also I had another episode of Austin City Limits (as my cat likes music programming) for him, and he's been alternating between playing with his toys and laying on my bed while looking at the television. This episode had Foo Fighters.

When he doesn't like the music, he stares at me with his ears going sideways... and if it's really bad, he does zoomie runs out of the room to get away.
Unbelievably... full... of cheese... bake!

*explodes without even the suggestion of a waffeir theen meent.
Escaped Ginso Tree in Ori.
Paid off my vehicle. Yay. Let's sell it and buy a new one.
An acquaintance of mine donated her brother's bathrobe to me. It is marine blue with hints of green and red, made of quality heavy fabric, just perfect for stepping out of a shower on a cold winter morning. :) The reason he no longer wanted that robe was that the sleeves had shrunk, but they fit me perfectly. :P

To thank them both, I took a photo of myself eating brunch in my new bathrobe, wearing a black glamrock wig (from Halloween past) and superimposed that image onto a backdrop of a frozen Alaskan landscape. LOL! They loved it! xD
Being alive covid free. For the time being....
Being alive. For the time being...
Just woke up from my afternoon rest after doing some exercises before that. It's quite refreshing indeed.
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Our community friend is back from a short holiday away, and is creating and causing drama in their usual attention seeking way. You have to laugh, if you don't, you only end up crying... :)
The remaining parts of my new computer have shipped. Now I just need to wait for them to arrive, and I can then build the new computer!
Attached! :D
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Listening to the soundtrack of Gargoyle's Quest 2 (NES). It makes really good use of the NES soundchip, and has a nice amount of counterpoint. (Too bad a sound channel disappears when there's a sound effect, including when in conversation with an NPC.)
My nearly decade old 24'' LG monitor is finally biting the dust. I suppose one can try and fix it (it gets these horizontal green lines periodically, followed by a black screen for a couple of seconds, and it has gradually changed from a rare occurrence to a quite frequent one)

Now I finally have an excuse to upgrade my monitor. I'm thinking of a Dell 27'' WQHD VA 165Hz monitor with amd freesync technology. I would love an actual ultrawide, but sadly I just dont have the space for it currently, and a good one is very expensive.

Can't wait to see openttd in WQHD resolution!
Matewis: Can't wait to see openttd in WQHD resolution!
Matewis: Can't wait to see openttd in WQHD resolution!
dtgreene: WQHD?
Or just QHD apparently: 2,560 x 1,440