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dtgreene: ...
But – are you sure this post applies specifically to the thread and may be considered as your answer to What made you happy today? question??
dtgreene: ...
ciemnogrodzianin: But – are you sure this post applies specifically to the thread and may be considered as your answer to What made you happy today? question??

(Well, what I actually posted would, not the "..." that you replaced the post with in your post.)
Getting home from work, what a terrible day. :P
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dtgreene: A panel at the CDC has voted to recommend COVID-19 vaccines being available for children down to age 6, so hopefully within a little over a week such vaccinations should start, keeping all of us safer.
At this point, with many vaccinated(65% or so in some countries) & with the illness itself now more or less endemic(and also in the wild animal population), a few more percentage points of people getting vaccinated likely won't make anyone that much safer than they currently are.

The best thing to do at this point, imho, is for people to learn to accept that & to go about their lives while remaining calm/optimistic(which is good advice in general, as stress is bad for the body/mind).
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I typically do not like the taste or smell of beer. I blame the hops! Like garlic to a vampire. :P But tonight I tasted a delicious Gose beer that was recommended to me (brewed with barley and hints of blood oranges and Meyer lemons!) and I quite enjoyed it. :)
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matterbandit: I typically do not like the taste or smell of beer.
You too? I like wine a bit more than beer, large part due to the taste/flavor.

matterbandit: I blame the hops! Like garlic to a vampire. :P
I love to play games. Whenever I have free time I always play games.
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Coffee from new esspresso machine. I bought new one on amazon from review here Coffee usually helps me to wake up in the morning. Have a cup of black coffee about an hour before workout and your performance can improve by 11-12%.
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Today was rainy and gloomy. I hid under my bed sheets for like 90% of the day. Maybe I should feel concerned or guilty, but to be honest, it made me quite happy to be hiding under a rock today.
Got up early, made a pot of coffee and cleared the first few dungeons in Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Switch. It's still as good as I remember!
Everyone was so low-key and sleepy-headed at work today, I was able to do my job without anyone pestering me or breathing down my neck. :) More like, snoring down my neck. xD It was a happy Monday!
Spending money on a new gaming PC (laptop), what else?

There was a campaign in that everything in their "outlet" (ie. place where they sell pre-owned, returned and repackaged, items for a discount) is, on top of that basic "second-hand discount", discounted for an extra -20%.

I originally went there to see if there are good deals for pre-owned electric scooters, and sure there were two that seemed promising. The reason I was thinking of buying one is that I'll keep one in the trunk of my electric car, and if I have to go somewhere very far where I need to recharge the car, and the charging station is not near to the destination, I can drive the car to the charging station, leave it there charging, use the e-scooter to get to my destination, and later back to my car.

This was almost going to happen today as I was going to go 165km away from home and it seems the closest charging station was 6.5km away from the destination... but my wife went there with her friend's car instead. In the end I decided to buy an option that doesn't have to rely on battery power, ie. a folding bicycle that fits into the trunk of my car, this one:

ANYWAYS! Instead, I noticed there was one (gaming) laptop there too, Lenovo Legion 7 with all bells and whistles (8-core Ryzen 9 5900 HX CPU, NVidia Geforce RTX 3080 (16GB, THP 165W)) GPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, I think its screen has G-Sync etc.) The original price of it was 2700 €, and they had discounted the price by 10%, making it 2429 €.

But since there was that extra -20% campaign that finishes tomorrow on Sunday, the final price was 1943,20€.

I didn't dare to buy it right away yesterday so I went back home to read reviews about the laptop. It seemed to be a top of the line gaming laptop performance-vise at least half a year ago and reviews of it seemed quite positive, and I also realized that the XMG Neo gaming laptop that I've been eyeing for maybe over an year would cost 822€ more with similar specs.

The only reservation I had was that the laptop has a 16:10 screen and I would have preferred the standard 16:9 screen, but I decided it is not a biggie.

So today I went to see if it was still there, and just took it from the shelf and went to the register. Well, not quite, I went to staff to check whether they knew why it was returned. e.g. was it broken somehow or something else unexpected, but they didn't find any such indication and said someone just brought it back after shortly trying it out, maybe he/she felt they didn't afford it after all or something...

It feels like brand-new, so now I completed the Windows 10 installation on it, trying to get it to upgrade to Windows 11 (there was a mention of Windows 11 upgrade in the beginning, and I said yes... not sure if it is doing that in the background now), and going to test some demanding games on it, including Cyberpunk.

If I am not happy with it for some reason or get a buyer's remorse, I have 14 days to return it. So far no sign of remorse. I mean, look at those colorful keyboard LEDs constantly changing their colors like it was Christmas, wheeeee!
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I went stargazing tonight. It has been almost 2 years since I've done that. Clear sky for about an hour, so we got to see the usual (except my favorite, the ring nebula). While drinking wine. Can't beat that.
This morning I did something I've NEVER done in my life before!

Yep, you guessed it: I shaved off my eyebrows.

I got fed up with some wild single eyebrow hairs growing to the wrong direction or going curly or something, not wanting to grow the same way as all the others etc. Damn entitled rebels, thinking they own the world and can do whatever they want.

The only reason I've never done this before are all those ancient warnings "If thou shaveth thine eyebrows, they shalt neverth groweth back!". I never knew if there is any truth to those warnings, but frankly I think they are just stories told to frighten children at Christmas time so that they wouldn't constantly shave off their eyebrows. Similar to "jerking off makes you blind and make your palms grow hair" etc. which we keep hearing in Christmas as well.

I guess I will find out in the coming weeks or months, whether they will start growing back.
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timppu: This morning I did something I've NEVER done in my life before!

Yep, you guessed it: I shaved off my eyebrows.
Be careful with that.

"All in all..."
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