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The day is off to a good start, just found about Foundation tv series releasing this year (Sep 24), and also got a game from Doc (A wishlisted one).
Was contacted for my second vaccine shot. Originally booked for September. Now resceduled to mid-July! :)
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Today, and the last month or two: switched our cell provider to attempt to get better coverage at the house. Went from Sprint to T-Mobile so the switch was inevitable anyway.

Turns out we get good 5G here so we've been using our phones as internet hotspots when doing more than just email stuff. That's a big-ish deal since the best available landline connection at this place is a measly 768 kbps. It's a rock-solid 768 kbps, but that's still super-slow considering I can look out the window of the house and see homes less than a mile away with 100Mb or so.

So when we were in the T-Mobile store maybe 8 weeks back, they said they weren't sure we'd get 5G here (we do) but that they would be rolling out a home internet service soon. Checked in a few weeks ago and it is now available in our area. Ordered it up, hooked it up, and now get anywhere from 30-80 Mbps. Seems solid, too - haven't had any dead time yet. The wifi range is also better with the new unit, covering about 90% of my shop building in addition to the house.

It's nice to get a good connection again. Can download games any time instead of scheduling them to run overnight. Emails with large attachments no longer take 2-3 minutes to download. And the price is less than half what we were paying before.

Pretty pleased with their 5G so far. With a traveling job, it has been providing good coverage even when visiting customers out in the countryside or in small towns. The new phone also handles hot-spotting better than the old one. It's not the fastest of all the 5G providers but the coverage is really good and the speed is more than enough for the way we use the internet.

I'm not used to being 100% happy when making changes like this, but so far I am 100% happy with it.
A lot of the SGDQ 2021 speedruns are being uploaded to to the GDQ channel on YouTube.

(There are a few games available on GOG that are in the marathon. The Psychonauts run has already been uploaded, and I believe there's going to be a run of Arabian Nights.)
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Twitter just lost liability protections in India(Link here in Post 86)
(will the same happen in other countries and/or for other sites like facebook/youtube next, I wonder?)
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Treated Mom to her favourite Greek restaurant for her birthday. We only eat there twice a year, the other time being on Mother's Day. Enjoyed a white sangria with our dinner too. ;) Spent the remainder of the evening on her patio, chatting over coffee until 10 pm! It was lovely. She was happy.

I can't help think she will die one day and I try to savour my time with her when we do get together. Such a terrible thing to think about, I don't know? Maybe the sangria is to blame... :P

Now I'm buzzing on caffeine (and alcohol) so I can't sleep. Time to play Sleeping Dogs!
It was yesterday, but anyways... Got vaccinated!
Received my second Covid-19 vaccination shot this morning. :)
I have beaten the last boss battle in Valfaris! What a great game!
no work...
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Saw a cat on my way to work <3
Listening to great music and enjoying my weekend, and yes my weekend is now. Work is weird.
Edit: Good weird. Good games good food and I love tripping cashiers saying it's my weekend. ;)
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Just came from watching DREDD at a drive in movie theater with my wife and an old friend. We had a great time. The movie was great before. This experience made it better!
I started playing Othercide last night. The art design feels alien, the mechanics familiar but highly twisted and I got my ass handed to me at pretty close to the speed of sound.

And I enjoyed the experience. I managed to start a new game rather than replay something familiar like I usually do. The game mechanics will probably keep me on my toes without requiring unreasonable adjustment. There is fulfilment in overcoming challenges, even if this time I didn't. Let's give it another go tonight.