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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest speedruns, particularly marathon or no-reset speedruns, are fun to watch. Throughout the entire run, but especially near the end, the RNG can just decide to give you a game over. (I even lost the tutorial battle on my very first ever playthrough.) Fortunately, when you game over, the game allows you to just start the current battle over, which is extremely helpful when the game is saying "no". (This problem is worse in the speedrun because the main character never gets the revive spell, as that's in the section that the run skips, so if the companion dies during a boss fight, that could very well be a game over since there's no way to revive them.)

(Just watched a race on GDQ's "The Bargain Bin" show, and it was fun, never knowing how the RNG would play out.)

By the way, I learned of a glitch that lets you duplicate consumable items, which includes seeds. Maybe I should give the game another go, knowing that I can get more seeds earlier in the game, and can therefore afford to make constant use of magic sooner?
Finding a zero-cost "dungeon RPG" on
Can anyone else not post new topics?
A friend of mine finally landed himself a job after months of unemployment. I was very happy for him!

As fatigued as I am of video conferencing (meh), tonight I chatted with two long-distance friends and we laughed so much. We were all surprised by how much fun we had, we the trio that loathes video conferencing. :)
My good friend, "GOG Phuks You" a.k.a. Tinye, is in good health, staying safe and always wearing its mask! I hear it even got the shot! Now i can adopt it, finally! Pet shop and pedigree certified!
Frosty world in the morning.
Seeing snow after several years.
Our mountain biking group got together again for a ride for the first time in over a year. Here's hoping it becomes a weekly activity again.
It's gotten warm out, and I can actually see much of the grass.

There's still a fair amount of snow on the ground, particularly in places where it piled up as a result of snow "removal".
Work was actually a pleasant experience today, which was an unexpected surprise, considering it has been a complete unbearable, anxiety and stress inducing nightmare for the past year or so. But I guess you can't really choose who you work with, especially when you live at the same place, which makes it all the more difficult to leave...
A public television channel from my country is playing a rerun of every season in Highlander: The Series.

This makes me VERY happy, as I was too young to understand certain plot elements when it first aired in 1991 or 1992.

I had also missed seasons 3-6 almost entirely.

Comfort food for the brain :3
zwolfy: Highlander: The Series.
oh wow!
i only ever saw a few episodes myself and had pretty mixed feelings about it, but given the chance to see it from the start without having to "buy in" id give it a whirl.
zwolfy: Highlander: The Series.
Sachys: oh wow!
i only ever saw a few episodes myself and had pretty mixed feelings about it, but given the chance to see it from the start without having to "buy in" id give it a whirl.
I know what you mean, and there are definitely some poorly written episodes, but overall it becomes more «mature» and sometimes tragic with each season. It's good for comfort watching.
Being able to breath is a great gift from Jesus in those times.
Im really thankful for that. That made me happy today.