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Spent a late Christmas with family. Didn't get any presents, but I did get another reason to drink and be merry. I'm gonna head back to work with a much-reduced liver function, I'm afraid.
My parrot did not poop on the sofa today.

No cleaning today!!!
DryFish: My parrot did not poop on the sofa today.

No cleaning today!!!
It's probably just saving up to shit in the new year with style.
DryFish: My parrot did not poop on the sofa today.

No cleaning today!!!
This video of upcoming simulation games:
The only one missing is Overcrowd
I was finally able to take the right decision, abide by/stick with it and most importantly, without breaking or relapsing to my previous, pitiful, weakened state, for her... Had to depart alone from that sh_tty place, leaving that cruel "siren" in "better" company. DAMN!

There is a use for pride, after all. She deceived and manipulated me... And when my intuition and defenses kicked in, leading me to play smart and beat around the bush like crazy, she even ridiculed me before all other coworkers, just because i refused to fall into her trap. For that and for our ideology incompatibility, apparently, among other things. They call me names and sh_t, but i never harmed others, just because they happen to believe in something different; she, on the other hand... Well, whatever. And i was just this _ close to becoming a "turncoat", just for her sake, she is my greatest crush to this day, like ever...

I enjoyed the snow, the cold, the peace and solitude outdoors, instead of a ride with her, like usual... :'( Damn it all. I know i 'll never meet so special an individual as her, ever again... Awe, respect, desire, love... She hit every spot at the same time. Plus, she is a rake, exactly like me ("party animal"). Time to retreat and bury everything... Another dream strangled to death. Well, at least, this time round, it didn't hurt so much as previous ones. That void, though, that hole, the feeling that something dear to you is missing, that you are being incomplete...
Not happy... but made me lough .
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I got a soundbar. Thrilling, I know, but this has made me happy in a number of ways.

1) It's a Yamaha YSP-1600. Not the newest thing around (just out of production, I believe), which is rather inconsequential as far as Hi-Fi goes, and on the upside it was inexpensive, the sound quality is good, and it doesn't come bundled with a massive subwoofer that I couldn't fit in my living room.
2) I got it on Amazon UK from a retailer who doesn't ship to my country, which gave me a chance to try out a parcel forwarding service (Forward2Me, if you're interested). You probably guessed that everything went swimmingly. The forwarding added a couple of dozen euros to the total cost (plus a UK-EU power outlet adapter on top of that), but everything still worked out cheaper that hunting down a similar system elsewhere.
3) I managed to install the bugger without a hitch. Okay, one minor hitch - see below.
4) Installing the soundbar somehow disabled the native sounds on my TV (the beeps and boops from moving the selector around menus), so I no longer need to mute the telly when browsing.
5) I can now start working on rerouting the cords in the living room, which I couldn't do before because I didn't know how long the sound system power cord will be.
Chuck and Nancy speech and they did it with a straight sincere face......yuk yuk yuk.....Who says ghouls are fiction?
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Didn't have to go to work today!
My boss told me I can have the day free
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Interview with the paper of my local district (or is neighbourhood the proper translation?) about sustainable living: what drives me to live sustainable, my ideals, passions, hopes and fears. It was good to be able to talk about it and find someone who's willing to write about it with the intention of inspiring people in the neighbourhood with a series of articles (she's still looking for more people to share their stories).
Today I finished Grim Fandango for the first time! I will miss Manny and Glottis, but it was an unforgettable experience.
Damon18: My boss told me I can have the day free
When my boss tells me that it means I have to work without pay. :P
My family is in total chaos. But I'm drunkin' like a pro.

So I guess I'm playing off of my Scots/Irish ROOTS. Someone build me a wake so I can do this righteous.
A glimmer of hope for getting decent internet at the house. On a whim, checked with the local (national) cable provider to see if they finally offer access on our country road. The website actually recognizes the address now, and it didn't flat-out reject us like it has in the past. Gonna swing by the local office tomorrow and et my hopes crushed in person. ; ) But maybe?