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Travelling in Russia. Moscow is a stunningly beautiful city.
Champions League after 26 years! Holy skit we did it! >.<
low rated
The author and person in charge of the publishing house Messaggerie Italiane S.p.A ,Achille Mauri, signed one of his books for me :)
Just emailed the new Prime Minister of Australia and it wasn't very friendly,but that's just ''tough shit'' for him.
Starting new course (Data Science: Productivity Tools).
Theresa May VS Africa! Ultimate Dancing Battle!
Managed to transfer characters from the Apple 2 GS version of Bard's Tale 2 to the Commodore 64 version.

Unfortunately, I quickly found an annoying bug in the C64 version, which would make that version significantly less fun for me if I tried to play it.

(The reason for doing this transfer is so that I can eventually transfer my characters over to a good version of Bard's Tale 3.)
a family generously gave me $15 in microsoft cash for helping them with something in a game and as a birthday gift since its tmr...i honestly didnt expect this to happen because i did not ask for it but i am thankful for the kind hearted souls we have in this corrupted world of today
Saint Petersburg!
September 1st
One month closer to November.
I will help organize the celebrations for the first time for the teacher's day (in my country, Argentina, it is September 11). I hope my students get together and we have fun :)
tinyE: September 1st
One month closer to November.
End of the tourist season?
Bought Tower of Time :D