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chandra: ... anyway, I've found out that a lady that works in a small shop right next to my flat brings her small dog with her! I've talked to her a bit and the dog's name is Hachi and i love him. A true kiosk guardian, just look at him.
tinyE: The smaller the dog, the louder the bark, the more aggressive.

I've been around some of the most notorious "attack" breeds but NONE OF THEM hold a candle to my mother's miniature dachshunds.

This is Wolf. He will literally attack ANYTHING.
That is SO true. Never seen a more aggressive dog than a chihuahua, these tiny little creatures have suprising amounts of anger issues.. they fear nothing, not even the fear itself.
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You guys made me happy <3
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Saw a cat on my way to work <3
My allergies meds are kicking in and I can finally start breathing