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TioJason: Wait, is this the Forum??


"Hey, guys, I finally found out where the heck the Forums are! Quick, look!"
tinyE: Okay you get points for that. XD

Well played.
Cold Coke and Internet points in a single day...

Man, what a time to be alive!
dtgreene: I have some IRL friends who really do care about me and were willing to give me hugs; that does help a little.
Kleetus: Do you ever get people that hug just a bit too tight or hang on for too long?
Oh hell yes. Awkward.
JMayer70: We're all having white, grey and blazing red hot Christmases worldwide
J.Winters: the world is fucked up dude..
JMayer70: Somewhere in Scotland declared a 19C - the warmest United Kingdom December day on record - ever - they said.
That doesn't sound right at all! I don't think we had 19C in Scotland this year at all!
fables22: That doesn't sound right at all! I don't think we had 19C in Scotland this year at all!
JMayer70: It's is what the BBC weatherman said!
chevkoch: A friend let's me borrow his PS4. Completed Inside in one sitting, truly a masterpiece.
Inside is SO, SO, SO, SO good!
tinyE: Finally just got Blue's new encloser finished. Lost a few pints of blood from skeeters doing it, be she's happy. More room than she's ever had.
Who's Blue?
fables22: Who's Blue?
tinyE: Don't get excited. :P We named her after a famous dairy in northwest Iowa, "Blue Bunny".
Kleetus: I love Jake.
Also adorable!
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high rated
Kleetus: snip
This is obviously a personal crusade against one of the users. Such comments won't be tolerated in this community, so this is last warning before your account will get banned (again).
Tauto: snip
The same goes to you Tauto.
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Ice cream. Poland has a lot of ice cream and I approve of it all.
Linko90: Ice cream. Poland has a lot of ice cream and I approve of it all.
tinyE: INDEED!

JUST FYI, they are wearing body suits! :P That does not count as nudity! :D
Discriminatory sure, but indecent, no.
I Should ban you for the fact they are clearly holding ice lollies and not ice cream.
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dtgreene: What's so special about getting a specific person to reply to one of your comments?

(Also, it seems you hold some views that are bad enough that I can't see you as a friend, unfortunately.)
Tauto: Pfffff ! What makes you think that I would want you as a friend,you overate yourself.And maybe next time you can read it as sarcasm.
Let's stay civil, people :)
I was happy to see a very adorable doggo on the bus, it's the little things.
This thread is of the positive/happy kind, please let it stay that way :)
To clarify, my previous message was an attempt to stop the unnecessary back and forth which would be unrelated to the thread's focus and was not directed at one person only. This clearly backfired but I do hope we can go back to the question at hand. Anyone else willing to share their happy moments of today to bring back balance to the force?
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Dr_Adder: My PS4 arrived and now I am installing the data for Red Dead Redemption 2!
Say goodbye to the outside world, then :)
... anyway, I've found out that a lady that works in a small shop right next to my flat brings her small dog with her! I've talked to her a bit and the dog's name is Hachi and i love him. A true kiosk guardian, just look at him.