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This afternoon I killed my arch nemesis, Havel the Rock. I've been waiting for this moment for so long.
Even though I won't ever be as athletic as others, my Will is strong and I have recovered myself from a bad season... I am headed to my prime (better than average non-athletic people) once again and won't step a bit back like it happened not so much time ago (external factors...). My aim is for a healthy existence during the whole of my remaining lifespan.

Give your all! >:D

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Our army became the servile front-door rag of those random scumfugees, daily they cook for them, they serve them food, they clean after their filth and even provided barracks, which they abandoned, so the vermin can stay in. And those wonderfully culturally enriched people, instead of thanking the soldiers, they started attacking them, forcing them to leave their posts. By their favorite native sport; stones hurling! I am very happy, kind of, somewhat. While i was serving in the army, fellow soldiers used to kick me (they almost broke my ribs once) while sleeping (dead tired from all day long worth of labor) because i used to snore back then (as they audaciously even dared to claim), they regularly stole things from the food reserves that were meant to be kept for certain occasions and were under my safekeeping, then accusing me to superiors, they caused me various troubles, played endless bad-taste pranks on me and ultimately gave me hell, while i was working hard my ass off daily, to take care of those bastards...

I hope the refugees give them a taste of their own medicine, those who currently serve in the army. I want them to taste in its fullest extent this, to work hard your ass off daily (for free, too) in order to help the others (as per your responsibility to the motherland), then said others abuse you in each and every stinking way imaginable, instead of being a pal or even say a mere "thank you, bro"... While i savor it, too.

Karma is a bitch. And i am very, very happy... Even though i hate invaders, scum and filth, especially of the ungrateful kind, those just might become my own leverage into the larger picture of the big, karmic wheel and settle part of my debts to my rotten kin that gave me hell before, even though i had been a good little man, once upon a merry time.
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Finally solved my Wi-Fi problem. Apparently the PS3 Super Slim also has a super weak antenna and as a result had a bad connection. Netflix worked at random, sometimes not at all, downloading large updates kept failing, online multiplayer was out of the question - and that despite all other wireless devices working perfectly fine even further away from the modem.

I wanted to avoid connecting the PS3 via cable at all costs since the cable would lead through the entire flat. I had a spare Netgear Wi-Fi router lying around and for several days I tried figuring out how to get it to work as a repeater (a feature it officially has) and put it in the living room next to the console. Today I discovered that the ISP's modem lacks an access point feature, though, so that plan didn't work out. As I was about to put the router away I incidentally read some of the blurbs on the box, something about a second antenna inside the case for extra large range. So I just put the Netgear router next to the modem and connected it via a short cable and then connected the PS3 with that one wirelessly which instantly resulted in a fast and stable connection.
Opening the browser, typing "" and just starring at all the DRM free games in my library. This stuff is crazy addictive :D. Really happy that this place exists and the awesome community that forms the backbone of this site.Cheers.
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THREE CHEERS for gog personnel! They agreed to help me get rid of those ridiculous, garbage, Beamdog titles i had the bad idea to purchase before!
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Went to the International Book Festival Budapest :)
Bought 7 books, got 1 book for free, and had 1 book signed :)
My bastard neighbour finally got thrown out, and is moving some stuff today. And it's raining, like splashing down sideways in buckets.
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Good economic analysts speculate, estimate and foretell that a possible BREXIT is GOING TO LEAD into a GREXIT too, even in the middle of the summer! Now those are news! It was time for drastic, dynamic, ethnic solutions, for each and every country to return to being the country it once had been and ownership of said country to return to its original citizens, not some mafia international banker or hostage lord!

I pray the British to prove wise and give priority to their own country's well being, first and foremost and not some toxic, rotten, decomposing union that is an amalgamation of incompatible abominations, it DOESN'T work, it CAN'T work, it NEVER worked actually, for part of its members at least.

It was time everyone returned to their own and took care of themselves. No one CAN, WILL or WILLS to look after others. Unless they smoke bad weeds, are infected by the brain-cancer type called "left wing" and hallucinate on daily basis.
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I recently heard that a federal appeals court in Virginia ruled in favor of a transgender student, allowing his lawsuit against the school to proceed.

Of note, Virginia and North Carolina are in the same circuit, so if the case gets back to the circuit court, a ruling could nullify one of the worst aspects of North Carolina's HB2.
Looks like I may finally be done with this damnable machine project. Factory guy is here and we ironed out dozens of problems over the last week or so. Another guy, from the US branch, is also here, so whatever stuff remains can be dealt with by them. Time for me to hit the dusty trail tomorrow morning. Been away four straight weeks and I'm ready to get back.
my birthday today, another year older, another day close to death, life is boring, wasn'nt asked to be brought into this existance. it's nearly over. hip hip hooray..

excuse the spelling. my lights blew, typing in the dark.

all the best
Cavenagh: my birthday today, another year older, another day close to death, life is boring, wasn'nt asked to be brought into this existance. it's nearly over. hip hip hooray..

excuse the spelling. my lights blew, typing in the dark.

all the best
You my friend need a Logitech G105. The keys light up! :D
Replaced the battery of my Plane & Tank.
Another bit of political news that made me happy:

Donald Trump opposes the discriminatory bathroom provisions of North Carolina's HB2. Yes, you read that right; Donald Trump has come out against restricting transgender bathroom usage.

(Of course, there's still no way I would vote for him; both realistically possible Democratic presidential candidates are far better than him (or any other realistic Republican candidates) on so many other issues.)