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I'm a dork so this next one would be easy for me. That is the challenge. Know it and admit to the forum that you are a dork, or pretend you don't know it and manage to save face with all of the Alpha Betas in here.
slacks.jpg (28 Kb)
Pumaman! Recognized it from MST3k
Siev3r: Pumaman! Recognized it from MST3k
I figured a Misty would get it. We are after all the chosen ones.

Your turn.
Forgive the delay, here's the next...
thestone.jpg (23 Kb)
The Black Cauldron?
PaterAlf: The Black Cauldron?
Thief, with a glide wrapper, a REALLY GOOD glide wrapper

SHIT, wrong thread!
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Fire and Ice?
Siev3r: Forgive the delay, here's the next...
Secret of NIMH.
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desnoscross: Secret of NIMH.
You got it!
Here we go.
Out of Rosenheim?
My Flying Wife?
PaterAlf: Out of Rosenheim?
No, I have just enough, in fact. Oh, wait, that's your guess, sorry, no.
Dr_Adder: My Flying Wife?
No, but you clearly know the actor in the picture, keep digging.

EDIT: Two more pictures.
notmrx.jpg (17 Kb)
oo.jpg (20 Kb)
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I've never seen it but I'm pretty sure this is
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.