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SimonG: I cede my fake turn back to Thiev to bring everything back in order.
Enough time passed without any guess. Post something new :)
svmariscal: I never learned to play this game properly.
Codename: MAT?
Slightly edited to remove the title:
zeta.png (7 Kb)
Psyringe: Apparently we need a hint ... :)
Just go with another riddle, I can't really think of a good hint right now :)
Akakij: In the next game you work for the government and take care of... *stuff*. Better don your tinfoil hat! The game was released in the early nineties for PC and Amiga.
Floor 13
great game, but to easy to die :D
teh RiDdLe :D
Shadow0603: Blue Force
you are riiiiiiiight :) Go Shadow go! :D
svmariscal: Ok, this is one I hope to see here someday :-p (hey GOG, *wink wink, nudge nudge*).
Beasts & Bumpkins
Skreczi: Beasts & Bumpkins
svmariscal: Indeed, your turn.

Fever_Discordia: Mobygames says it was published by EA so there's hope!
svmariscal: And then a GOGite comes by and guesses it. Maybe he/she saw it recently?

Too many coincidences... >_>
I know this one because I use to play it :)
Sry for Riddle without pic - fixed ;)
Ubivis: Looks like a crappy mod, but I will say: Dark Forces
correct :)
Saints Row 1
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KneeTheCap: Okay, new one :)

(I have no idea whether or not this has been featured in this thread before. If it has, then I apologize)
well i will try to highjack this :P
Saints Row 2? :D
KneeTheCap: Hint 2. English voice-over sucks in this game
Dead Rising
Always wanted to try that game but i totally have no idea for a new riddle so gool luck people :)
Max_R: But Pathologic is less intuitive and schematic than Incubation!
Next one,
Veil of Darkness
Last screen on this page:

someone else can take my turn
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