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tarangwydion: Motor City? I think a similar picture like that appeared already in this thread.
Artemis_E: I tried to catch on whole thread - but i could have missed sth...

Anyway 2 more pics, as motor city is a miss.

second pic
Smannesman seems to be right, and tarangwydion seems to give a correct answer - maybe you know this game under another title? Check his links, and if I am right give us link to your version :D I am curious :)
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RealWeaponX: I'm not at my comp, so I can't post a pic. Someone else have a go :)
EC-: K, sorry if repost
Sim Farm, if i am right someone else please take my turn
Aatami: Its none of the ones previously said. It's a PC Adventure Game, heres another screenshot.
Please... Give us a riddle :(
It's our cocaine!
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jefequeso: I've got the perfect one.
it was 2 days already - give us some hints :)
the_bard: Hint?
to early for a hint :) it was posted just 1h ago...
Primate: Trying to make it a bit easy since there doesn't seem to be many fans of flying games here. :)
looks like
Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15
great :)

but i have no inspiration for a new riddle.
someone may take my turn then

good luck :)
As I cheated and out of curiosity googled that image I can only say that I was marveled by a result!
Gonchi: No, lol. Ok, some more hints. Um... this character is far more recognizable than Link, even people who've never played a game in their life know him. That's because despite the amount of games this character's featured in, gaming isn't his main medium.

Another screenshot.
Hi Gonchi

I say you should count as "correct" michaelleung guess (I doubt there gonna be any closer hit)
Its your call but i must admit that even though this riddle takes so much time it is a good one as it is both cool one and hard one :)
tarangwydion: Too hard... any other hints? :-)
PAK: The developer is Finnish, just two days ago a new version was presented.
well give us another riddle and answer to this one :)
tarangwydion: Too hard... any other hints? :-)
so - will you tell us what that were? :)
PAK: Looks like it is a time for a hint:

Of course it is a wargame - indie production, developed by ONE person (from rather colder region of Europe) since 2008.
And btw, this is a brilliant piece of software, stable, detailed, simply splendid.
hi :)

give answer please and another riddle :D
Primate: Here you go.
any hints? :)
Ghorpm: I played it a lot as a kid...
I loved that game! :D

I've played it for atari but screen is from Commodore version... Am I correct? :)
Skreczi: I loved that game! :D

I've played it for atari but screen is from Commodore version... Am I correct? :)
Ghorpm: Of course! This C64 version of Zorro!

I can only hope that you actually used a wrong sentence and you still love this game as I do! Honestly, I still play it sometimes on my C64 (so many years and it's still working!) It's so much better to load it from a tape (anybody remembers that?) than to use an emulator... memories...
Well i use to play Bruce Lee a while ago :) My speedplay was under 3 minutes!

And I will need to refresh my memories :) Zorro form tapes in Turbo system :D

About my riddle
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