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Skippy Tripsalot
Donald Duck
Buster Highman
Blanco Przybyliński (don't even ask lol)
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Isaac Newton.
Mike Hunt
Mike Litoris
Bob Ross
Joe King
Santa Christ
Mr Bean.
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Phil LaMarr


Paraharaha: Stormy Daniels
If only.....i'd crawl through miles of broken glass just to hear her f*rt through a walkie talkie.

(That's a meme in case anyone thought I made that up to be crude/nazzty. ;))

Dray2k: Blanco Przybyliński (don't even ask lol)
Now I HAVE to wiki that. o.0

Vingry: Bob Ross
All the little trees and bushes......also a bit of trivia: He loathed some of his art and iirc he wanted it all destroyed after the show ended.
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Lady Gaga with a date.
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Zeebo the Clown

StarChan: Lady Gaga with a date.
Who is also gaga....she's THAT talented. :)