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What the title says.

Now that I see that Sonic Mania is on sale on Steam for dirt cheap, I realized I refuse to buy it no matter what because of Denuvo.

What game or games are you boycotting because of DRM? Can you think of a game you really want to play but wont out of principle? Do you have a success story about a DRM-infected game that you really wanted to play and finally got to one day when the DRM was removed? Share it here.
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All modern Ubisoft games, All modern EA games, All modern Activision games, All modern 2K games, All modern Capcom games, All modern Konami games and so on.

Simply, i won't play any of the large publishers games unless they release drm free on services such as GOG but i don't like anything they put out anyway nowadays so it's not like it's a difficult desicion. DRM and Denuvo can just shove off.

In short it's not boycotting exactly since i have no interest either way but drm, denuvo and cloud services i will never use even if i would like to play something.
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None, I have patience.
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Boycotting seems a bit much, it implies the will of not buying something I'd buy otherwise, while I simply ignore bad market practices.
I don't buy any game with DRM because anyway there are more games without it than I could play in a lifetime, so why accepting a worse deal than necessary? I miss nothing, there is always something good to play. ;)

The only DRM'd games I'm interested in at the moment are Doom (2016) and Dark Souls 3, but I can easily live without until they are available on acceptable terms for my standards.
GTA IV and L.A. Noire. I can tolerate Steamworks if the price is right, but I really don't care for adding SecuRom or GameShield on top of it, and I don't need no Games for Windows Live or Rockstar Social Club either. Not that I'm desperate to play these games anyway, but I might have bought them on sale if it weren't for all that mumbo jumbo.
Since 2019, everything sold on Steam, but not on any D.R.M. free platform.
I even dennounced my Steam library.
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There's loads of modern games I'd like to buy but won't because of DRM. If my husband buys them for himself I'll play them though. Or if there's anything I really want that he doesn't I might look for a cracked version to download. When the Assassin's Creed games were on sale at Christmas I was so tempted.
DRM just needs to go, there was piracy before DRM and there piracy with DRM so what exactly is DRM meant to do apart from tie you down to a particular client
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All of them?

The only games with DRM that I still buy are on disc, and even then it's when they don't require any sort of online activation.
I don't have a specific list, but a few really stay on my nerves.

Other than that, I'm not against buying on steam at the right price.
Unfortunately, many interesting games are only on steam.

While GOG continue to publish uninteresting games.
As I boycott all games with DRM, the list could be quite long. :)
Aside from the occasional used game on disc(s) bought for pennies, nothing. Never anything online and no new discs since 2012 or 2013.

Does anyone know if an Orange Box (collection of 5 Valve games) must be activated in the country it was bought? Something I bought long ago, and never installed, when travelling abroad.
None really, because.. been there done that. For years I boycotted games on Steam and games with some of those horrible DRM's on the CD... only to discover that most consumers don't give a shit they're getting screwed (I actually believe today's consumers actually like to support the most anti-consumer stuff they can find).

If it's going to work it needs some organization where a large group of people boycott it at the same time. And even then thanks to the mostly stupid consumers it won't do any good.

I do still boycott U-Play though. It's not just DRM that's the issue there though it's their overall treatment of customers. Of course then again... if I were to be consistent on that I should still be boycotting Steam but I'm not... sigh.. as I said it just gets tiring doing the right thing only to discover the vast majority of people don't give a rat's ass about doing the right thing. IMO Steam is actually more anti-consumer than U-Play... but it's just "easier" to boycott U-Play because so many fewer games are affected.

I dunno.. maybe one day I'll return to boycotting Steam... but I'm just so disillusioned with my fellow consumers that I don't really see it happening.

And here's the thing... if all consumers did act like consumers (instead of spoiled babies wanting something now no matter what) then we'd have NO DRM, Steam would likely not exist or if it did it would be entirely different and oriented toward the consumers' interests instead of the sellers (which is the exact opposite of today), and well... it would be a completely different and better experience for everybody.

And it will never happen.

All Denuvo games. If it has Denuvo, you just lost a sale. I was really interested in DQ XI.
Ubisoft and its mandatory always online drm.
EA is the graveyard where companies goes to die.
Rockstar and its "Social Club" drm. I still have playstation2 discs luckily.
If Bethesda locks its next Elder Scrolls VI behind creation club or Bethesda account, then I'm out. I'll have plenty of other games to play.
DadJoke007: Now that I see that Sonic Mania is on sale on Steam for dirt cheap, I realized I refuse to buy it no matter what because of Denuvo.
There's quite a few Sega games I'd like to buy as well, that I won't buy because of Denuvo regardless of price. Bad enough I have to use Steam, I don't need that shit on top of it too.

They did release Catherine (Classic) on Steam today without Denuvo, which I always wanted to play. I pretty much snapped that up right away. Now they just need to remove it from Yakuza Zero, Valkyria Chronicles 4, etc. I hope one day they'll realize it doesn't have a positive effect on sales numbers and wise up.
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