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I started to play Deus Ex properly. I am playing the GOG version with the GMDX mod because the vanilla GOG version doesn't work quite right on my PC (display problems etc.). I chose to play it with the "highest" difficulty (Realistic), and so far it seems ok, it doesn't feel that hard.

Some early impressions (still doing the first Statue of Liberty mission):

- For now I had hard time understanding what the game story is about. Two, apparently bad, guys were talking about something something evil in the beginning of the game, about becoming gods or something. For awhile I though that guy with the Mike Tyson-tattoo on his face was ME (discussing about his incoming mission with his boss), but apparently he was some baddie instead, LOL. I deduced as much by the evil laughter and the part about becoming gods, or not caring about poor civilians dying.

So yeah, apparently I am some kind of police and there are these awful terrorists in the vicinity that are the bad guys, and lots of different organizations like UNETCO and ATCA and NSI, some good and some bad, apparently.

- So far the gameworld feels a bit... plastic and unrealistic, like how I am supposedly in the goodies' headquarters, and I walk like 100 meters from there and bam there are patrolling terrorists who I am supposed to take down. Hmm...

- Overall the gameplay feels ok. I used up my starting skill points to bump up Computers, Electronics and Sneak. 500 points left unusued, that I would have used for Rifles I think. So far I've taken down most enemies by sneaking behind them and taking them down with a baton. That seems the easiest and most effective way to take down single enemies. I've shot down a couple which were close to each other (so it was impossible to take them down with a baton undetected), and that one group where there were two soldiers and a dog, I just evaded them, too many to handle together at this point, not worth it.

So, so far the gameplay actually reminds me quite a bit of the Thief games. Club a patrolling guard down with your stick from behind, and then move his unconscious body out of sight.

- Graphics with the GMDX mod are aged, but ok.

- I am still figuring out the hacking thing. So like now I am inside the Statue of Liberty at the ground floor, and there is a force field behind which some guy is. I am given options to either turn off those laser beams (apparently either hacking, or entering correct username and password, to the control panel at the entrance), or find some detour past the defenses.

Ok then, hacking sounds good as I already put some skill points into it. But how do I hack the control panel? I click on it and I don't get any hacking option (nor option to enter usename and password, I presume the password is "smastthestate" or something else anarchist).

With some googling, it dawns to me that apparently I am supposed to have some kind of tool (multitool?) in order to hack any computers. Ok, I already hacked one computer at the headquarters, does that mean I lost my only multitool? Where do I get more multitools at this point? If the other option is to use the correct username and password (without hacking), where do I enter them? I don't think I see such option when clicking on that control panel.

So apparently there is still much to learn to me how to interact in this gameworld...
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Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue is much like the first Deathspank game, so much so that it feels like a big expansion rather than a sequel. That's nothing bad, however, since they kept all the fun stuff I liked from the first one. I'm especially glad that they kept the music.

This game adds guns and war movie references, because it's set in a WW2-like place, unlike the fantasy landscape of the first game. The gameplay is quite simple but fun, which is something you can also say about the humor. The two Deathspank games were made by Ron Gilbert who also made Day of the Tentacle and some Monkey Island games.
Either GTA 4, Homeworld Remastered, or Grim Dawn

Oh, and Burnout Paradise which isn't half bad.
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Elminage Original.
After my adventurers had reached level 13, the 4 of 6 members changed their job (and became level 1 again).

Fighter -> Lord (Good level 12)
Dragoneet Brawler (level 14.his breath ability is useful)
Thief (level 16.She is only woman and Neutral character in the party)
Cleric -> Bishop (level 12)
Mage -> Alchemist (level 12)
Alchemist -> Mage (level 12)

Now all rear position trio can use mage spells which is quite convenient in battle.
Also I decided the Brawler and the Thief will remain 'pure' characters (some items can only be equipped by who have not changed job).
I have conquered three star 1 rank dungeons(In the game, dungeons are classified to 1 to 5 stars for the difficulty), and now I'm exploring the star 2 rank dungeons.
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Patrician IV and Kingdom: New Lands.

I think I'm about to finish the latter and be satisfied with the former so probably I'll be picking other games to play soon.
Finished Elex yesterday. Going to play Civ III next.
I'm playing Call of Duty: WWII
Amazing graphics, amazing sound, amazing acting. While not.a masterpiece, this game is a top notch experience. Take your time with the story. Play on veteran mode. Make it last. The pvp is creative and diverse although I want more game modes and variety in war mode.
Just read review!
Playing Utlima 4 (Sega Master System) right now. It's interesting to compare it to the NES version; the SMS version is more faithful to the original (but still has its quirks), while the NES version is a rather interesting arrangement (for lack of a better term) of the game.

One thing is that I am having serious trouble finding a ship. I am level 7, am a full Avatar, yet I *still* don't have a ship!

(Incidentally, while playing the NES version, I think I do miss being able to Blink around the overworld; NES version made that spell warp you out of battle instead.)
viperfdl: Finished Elex yesterday.
How was it?
viperfdl: Finished Elex yesterday.
Ixamyakxim: How was it?
The game has the typical Piranha Byte charm but it also seemed to me that PB was trying to make a The Elder Scroll clone. In my opinion it was to large and empty. Then there are problems like no numerical information about character stats - like health points, armour, damage, experience etc. - or that the main attributes were only required for unlocking skills or better weapons/armours. Also the GUI seems to be designed for controllers.
But I didn't had any major bugs. I had no crashes and played the game for almost 200h.

tl;dr: I liked it.
I've been playing Ittle Dew 2 on Switch. Like the new hairstyle of Ittle and added costumes. I'm hoping it won't have the same issue I ran across in the first game (managed to go to the final boss without all the items, and could not beat it). Especially since, like the first game, there's only one save for a single file (it's just new game or continue). So far though, it looks like that will be unlikely.

Also went back to Monster Hunter Stories, now nearly done with it. I'm mainly gaming handheld atm, as I'm having health issues so it's kind of hard to use my computer right now for any long period. So grateful for my Switch and 3DS. Hope I can game on PC again soon, I miss my farm on Stardew Valley and have a huge backlog to get to!
In Ultima 4 SMS, I ended up in a situation that was practically a softlock and ended up loading my last save. (To leave a dead end without deathwarping or warping out, I had to clear a room that placed me inside a wall adjacent t o a reaper; I couldn't move out because the reaper was in the way, and I couldn't attack because the game thought I was trying to shoot through a wall.)
I am still on the fence whether Deus Ex is a good game or not, but I am still early in the game so I am just not getting everything. I just freed some guy in the bottom of Statue of Liberty and got 150 xp points for it. I am unsure if it matters if you give him a gun, knife or nothing.

I still don't quite understand if I am supposed to be able to hack or lockpick certain things, or if I need those tools which can be used only once, where do I get more of them? Like getting to that guy I freed, the game suggested two ways to get to him: either log in or hack a control panel (I presume in order to disable the laser beams which sound an alarm if you go through them), or find some detour to it past the defenses.

There was a panel whose lock I was supposed to pick I guess, but I couldn't do that, apparently because I didn't have any lockpicks left. Near the laser beams there is control panel which I ASSUME is the one I was supposed to operate, but clicking it just gives a message that it is secured or something.

So really, the only option I found to get to that person was to go guns blazing. There were three or four guards inside, so e.g. touch those laser beams to sound the alarm, shoot at the head of the guards one by one, and then wait for the alarm to automatically go off so that the autoturret in the next room becomes inactive again.

Then when I get near the cell itself where the guy is, there you can find another "control panel" where you can either log in or hack, in order to disable security cameras and some autoturret, as well as open the cell door itself.

So I guess it just boils down to this: where the heck do I find or buy more of those damn "multitools" or stuff which are needed either for picking locks, or hacking things? Or do I even need any tool to hack things, as I could still e.g. get money from an ATM by clicking the hack button?

Still confused...
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Mount and Blade Warband

I used to play this on the PC and recently discovered it had been releaed on PS4! A game well ahead of its time.
I guess I'll start HW 2 Remastered.

One thing the Remastered versions have done is ruin the older layouts. Those games are timeless and while the game play and graphics haven't aged, the control schemes have. I can't even one click move or pan the camera on Emergence and it's driving me nuts. :P
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