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Played some more Betrayer after setting the colors back to black and white. I just fell victim to a silent sneak attack in the shadow realm/other realm/otherworld/whatever they're calling it, which is kinda cool. I definitely appreciate how you have to be aware of your surroundings in Betrayer, especially by way of audio.
Disciples II. Thanks Matewis!
Resident Evil 6... its just awful :( Must complete it so I can never look at it again.
Wasteland 2!
Steamworld Dig. It's a charming game but I find it frustratingly slow even with the upgrades you can get to make digging faster. The guy just never seems to dig fast enough for my tastes. Maybe I'm just impatient. I would probably quit on it but I think I'm getting close to the end, so I'll go ahead and finish it and hopefully enjoy the ending.
Clannad and a smattering of Starcraft 2.

Not video games, but I also decided to take the plunge back into Magic: The Gathering for real. Bought a box of Khans of Tarkir and had quite a bit of fun playing at the shop. Then just now I traded in a bunch of old cards from Urza's Saga and came away a happy man.
I guess I'm mainly playing Skyborn, an RPGMaker game off of Steam. It's pretty fun and has a few gimmicks that keep the combat-system from being another Final Fantasy clone--namely the ability to control who gets attacked via a threat meter, and two different systems of magic/special abilities, one using MP, one using a gauge that fills when you are attacked or act. It has limited resources, however--there are only so many enemies and so many ways to get gold--which makes me crazy, even though posters on the Steam forums say there's more than enough gold, and I shouldn't hoard it. This is the kind of thing that causes me to end Infinity Engine games with a hundred different unused potions, because what if I need them later?
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All kinds of games, but two in particular stand out because they took me by surprise.

First off, Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death. I knew it was some kind of insider's tip regarding cheap low budget games, but I didn't expect that I would enjoy it this much. It's almost sad to think about how this has become a bargain bin / superfluos bundle key game that you can easily get for a dollar, considering how nice-looking, polished, funny and entertaining it is. It may be nothing ground-breaking, but it's a quality product and a lot of fun.

And second, Dreamfall. I recently finished The Longest Journey and it took me years to play through it, because for all the good things that can be said about it, I would always get kind of exhausted and lose interest in it after a while. I can see why so many people love it, but in the end I just couldn't relate that much to this feeling. I thought it was okay. Dreamfall on the other hand - I absolutely love it. Granted I'm only a few hours in, but if it continues like this, it may well become one of my favorite adventure games ever.

The camera, the controls and the fighting (yep, there's fighting in it, how awesome is that!), while original, are not the best implemented feats of the game, but you get used to them quickly. Everything else - the storytelling, the pacing, the suspense, the characters, the setting, the graphics, the cinematics, the voiceovers, the music - is perfect so far. There haven't been any real puzzles to speak of yet, but I actually didn't miss them. And there is still quite a few of running to and fro, which I disliked in TLJ, but in this game I find it less bothersome, because Zoe is always running per default and you control her yourself instead of just waiting for her to reach her destination, and also because the environment is more beautiful and alive. I also like how they cut down on the dialogue and journal entry length and how the game focuses a bit more on showing instead of telling, at least those are my impressions so far. And I like Zoe a little better than April,* although the cool thing is that the game also switches between characters.

Hopefully these two games will stay as enjoyable as I find them this moment until the very end, I'd be happy to add them to my personal list of (almost) perfect games that I enjoyed tremendously. :)

(EDIT: * Than the April of TLJ, I meant. Actually I liked the April of Dreamfall a lot better.)
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Fable anniversary, it's good game but it has some blurry graphics, so I spend a couple of hours to set it right and now with downsampling and some other effects looks pretty good
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A few right now:

-Raiden III (PC)
-Borderlands (PC)
-Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS)
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Off the top of my head:

1) Starcraft 2 (still)
2) Borderlands 2 (just got a bunch of dlc and I´m gonna give it another go with a different character)
3) Heroes of might and magic 3 (on hiatus)
4) LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2 (DVD version, playing evil campaign, kinda slow on it)
5) Medal of Honor Warchest (been on hiatus for a while, running the risk of getting uninstalled)

There's a bunch of others that I've dabbled in for a few minutes but haven't really bothered on continuing or uninstalling. These five are the only ones I feel like I've made progress and don't want to leave unfinished just yet. SC2 I play with a friend and still suck at it, since we don't bother with build orders or professional gamer mentality.
andysheets1975: Steamworld Dig.
How's it balanced? From what I saw, the resources seem to be finite (the stuff that's on the map) while the expenditures are unlimited, which potentially leads to a death spiral. I restarted on every monetary loss, got bored eventually and stopped playing. Was I wrong?
andysheets1975: Steamworld Dig.
Starmaker: How's it balanced? From what I saw, the resources seem to be finite (the stuff that's on the map) while the expenditures are unlimited, which potentially leads to a death spiral. I restarted on every monetary loss, got bored eventually and stopped playing. Was I wrong?
It's a very easy game, in any case. I'm a completionist and a resource hoarder and I didn't run into any issues on my playthrough even though I didn't spend much thought on these matters. It's been some time since I played it, but from what I remember I would say even if the resources are finite, they are abundant and exceed what you need for your purchases by far.
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Started playing Blackwell Legacy on my Nexus 7.
Currently playing Wasteland 2 and must say I'm enjoying the hell out of it.