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Been playing some Valhalla Hills with the two horned edition.
So playing classic mode and the more you win and use certain things the more you unlock or even kill or build certain tools for unlocking.
It's random generating maps and unlocking i find interesting, even though the goal is endless i think to bring your vikings honor so they can enter Valhalla, how you get honor?
Mostly by fighting and winning the map by defeating the portal guards and some other tasks, i am at 28% with 1 viking being closest to valhalla. It's a build style game but you don't control your vikings this time so less micro managment i think since cultures was very heavy on that.
I certainly feel some charm from the game and i did check a tutorial how to play it by sergiu on youtube.
It is a little simple as there is no armor ingame, but you can move the military outpost to move your vikings, or use different axes, bows, heal staffs (the more powerfull the weapon get equiped before the weaker ones), mead to increase life of your viking and gold to increase damage but i ain't that far yet.

Think for a little over 1 euro the game is nice, too bad they closed down the studio who made the game so no more updates, though i didn't encounter any bugs by now, even played a dlc map in the desert. Also fun videos on the two horned edition goodies like behind the scenes and diary of a viking.
Think i won 8 maps by now, it can get repetitive if you want you can build all the buildings, but think you can also rush most portals by simple axes build by the toolmaker though don't know if that is advised since some unlocks can help you play the game easier if you do everything.
Oh the road is very important to use to increase the range of the building reach. Also if a viking dies they appear on the next map, but they are a limited resource on the first map but i haven't had problems with that yet and the larger the map the more vikings you can get.
Some enemies are on the map not just portals, like several times it happened that there were skeletons close to berries bushes and my viking was hungry and got killed that way since i didn't have enough food produced at the beginning or they went to the closest food they could find.
There are also some helpfull spells ingame.
The toolmaker is also important since you can build different tools that the vikings need to do their work.
Otherwise it can happen that they punch trees if they don't have an axe but that takes longer, they even punch rocks lol if no simple hammer.
Anyway that is all for now i wanted to say, it certainly isn't a game for everyone but i currently like it.
Oh one things i've read if you get a strange map you can simply try a new map from what i read elsewhere since the unlocks stay, i've read that it can happen that you can't reach a portal that is why you can try a new map.
Also each unlock you get shows up in the next level.
And i do wonder why was i ignoring this game for so long and thought can't go to wrong with a game with dlcs over an euro
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Been playing Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the first time and I'm quite enjoying it! The dungeons so far are really cool and the shrinking mechanic for puzzle solving is really neat! Exploring as mini Link is super fun!

I also finished playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst. A nice game with gorgeous art/level design. Lots of fun to run around and find new areas to explore and finding new paths to traverse. Environmental puzzles were cool as well, though some are trickier than others. Sometimes you really have to think outside the box if you want to reach certain spots, but that's part of the fun!
Right now: "Winter Games".
Next in line: "World Games".
Lots of ("hot-seat") MP - fun for up to eight players, so - perfect for the holidays.
Over December time, Dredge has been super relaxing. Fishing and cthulhu vibes :)
Then grinding in Dark Souls 1 for a few levelups... still only halfway there now but made to level 70.
Then had plans to try out Dishonored 2 since Dishonored was such a fun game...
But ended up "trying out" Everspace 2... That was a mistake ha-ha. Sunddely 25 hours in.
This is the space game I've always needed without knowing, and spent lots of time customizing and shopping for ships.
Maybe finally Dishonored 2 around New Year :)
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After recently finishing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, I installed and played a bit of LoK: Soul Reaver 2. First impressions:

- Graphics are cleaner, more detailed and more colorful... but also more generic.

- The atmosphere doesn't have the same sinister oomph as the earlier game, at least at the beginning.

- The controls are broken in the PC version. I guess this was a generic problem with many PS2 era games which originally appeared on PS2, utilizing all possible buttons and features of the PS2 gamepad, and then trying to port that to either mouse+keyboard controls, or the lesser PC DirectInput gamepads which had incoherent and less features as their PS2 counterpart(s).

I haven't yet tried my Logitech F310 gamepad which has the optional legacy DirectInput support, but at least with the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ gamepad (in a wired XInput mode), I mostly got it to work... but something is still missing:

- I presume right analog stick should be used for looking around and controlling the camera view, but it does not work. You can pan the camera with the left/right analog trigger buttons, but I guess that is due to the incompatibility between DirectInput and XInput (the game registers the wrong analog axis from the gamepad).

The mouse + keyboard could otherwise work fine... but the game doesn't allow me to change my running direction the mouse. So if I am e.g. running forward with a direction key, and try to change my heading with the mouse, it just doesn't work. It is as if the game tries to force my mouse back to looking forward if I am running; I can only change the heading with the mouse if I stop running first. It is very odd and disorientating, did they even test it before implementing it?

I read in the LoK series subforum about some controller fixes that some have done for the game, they are apparently supposed to enable the right analog stick too for XInput gamepads (I presume they just swap the analog axis between the stick and the analog trigger buttons or something...). Let's see if it works.

I generally don't mind playing the PC ports of console games with mouse + keyboard. e.g. I feel GTA3, Vice City, GTA4 and even GTA5 play just fine with mouse + keyboard for me), but this is something else, they didn't manage to make the mouse/keyboard play in Soul Reaver 2 playable. Or then I am missing something...

I fear to see what happens next with PC games as I'm under impression even XInput is now being replaced by some even newer Windows gaming controller API... will current gamepad-controlled PC games face similar issues 5-10 years from now, not working with the new standard or new PC gamepads? At least the mouse + keyboard have remained pretty much the same for the past decades, you can still play mouse + keyboard games from decades ago using modern keyboards and mice... well ok, maybe some older PC games rely a bit too much on you having a full-size keyboard with a separate numpad, or incorrectly think you have an US keyboard so that the ' key or whatever is always in the same place, and not behind some Alt-GR combination.

EDIT: "Gemini's Soul Fixer" seems to fix the XInput game controls, at least the right analog stick now works as well. Just copy the .dll to the game directory and you are all set. Since the keyboard/mouse controls seem quite broken too in many ways, maybe this fix is pretty much mandatory for the game.

I am not even sure if the game works with old DInput gamepads because when I switched the 8bitDo gamepad to "Android mode" which it also calls DInput, Windows does seem to recognize it as a DirectInput gamepad, but then that game doesn't recognize the gamepad at all (without that fix at least).
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The Room Three (it's the same that the two previous games), and from time to time Maniac Mansion on my mobile phone trying different characters.

And when i finish, i will start Disco Elysium.
Not quite a game, but I'm going through "Death Come True". Haven't gone far, but seems interesting so far.
Dungeon Siege 2. Sadly, if you install Broken World on top of the base game, it tanks the game's FPS to the 23-32 range. I'm suffering through it, but it's really painful sometimes.

Base DS 2 has wonderfully smooth framerates. BW completely borked something regarding rendering in the game.
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Rizwan from thenewsinsides Right now, I'm totally hooked on playing "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." The storyline is captivating, and the open world is just so immersive. It's hard to put down! How about you? Any games you're currently into?
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KilerFost751: Right now, I'm totally hooked on playing "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." The storyline is captivating, and the open world is just so immersive. It's hard to put down! How about you? Any games you're currently into?
Why is this a reply to my post?

I've been playing Antimatter Dimensions a bit lately. I tried Sandcastle Builder, but that game is too slow paced for me. (There's apparently a 2 *month* timewall at one point.)
Playing some Rimworld.
Tried tutorial and then went to the real game with all dlcs.
I am still a beginner but when from some gang 1 raider came to attack with some poor gun but had shooting skill of 12 and then my sniper called Sam(woman) hit his hearth and it exploaded, but he managed to hit my only medic and good thing i managed to set it to self tend since nobody else wanted to tend her injuries and she was even bleeding. Think she got hit in the leg and some part of tibia which i never heard in english but managed to heal up pretty fast and since she was in the bed. Also they had wooden cover and she got shot

The problem is my base construction was rather slow since plant skill also equals cut trees skill and that was at 1 until some colonist called J advanced to 2.
Also J is in love with the medic woman, but didn't let them sleep together yet as my base is going slow, one save file i tried and she got pregnant pretty fast but i reloaded since i want more of the base build without her being pregnant.
Yeah the base is mostly out of wood for now.
Also the raider i took everything from him and burried him not too far from the base.
My colonist for now are in a good mood

Used Phoebe as the story teller but not the easiest though am in a temperate forest and also started growing rice for food and also hunted a few animals for food.
Also used the colonist crashland scenario which gave me 3 colonist and some items which is pretty much vanilla way to start.
Ideology i just left it at classic since i am new.
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Now that I finally have a GTX 3060? All of them.
idbeholdME: Dungeon Siege 2. Sadly, if you install Broken World on top of the base game, it tanks the game's FPS to the 23-32 range. I'm suffering through it, but it's really painful sometimes.

Base DS 2 has wonderfully smooth framerates. BW completely borked something regarding rendering in the game.
Curious: Is this problem for the Retail version of the DS2? GOG-version? Steam-version?
MysterD: Curious: Is this problem for the Retail version of the DS2? GOG-version? Steam-version?
No idea, as the expansion is not included in any digital releases. If you use the Steam guide to get it working, you can play it, but the framerate becomes horrendous.

The base DS 2 release everywhere (Steam, GOG etc.) is fine. I even have the retail box of DS 2 and that is fine too. Sadly, I don't have a Broken World box, so can't check if the issue was present from the onset, or it's because of something in the BW files from the guide. From my tests, the issue comes from the .exe file included in the guide. No idea if it's identical to the original BW release or changed in some way by modders. But I suspect yes, because the vanilla .exe's can be a little problematic to get working in fullscreen and at proper resolutions. This works fine with the guide .exe, but it almost seems as if they broke something at a fundamental level.

The game behaves strangely. As you load into the game with BW, the FPS is fine. But once you start moving and more map sectors load, the FPS quickly deteriorates to the 25-30 range and stays there forever. This happens within a minute or two, or instantly if you teleport somewhere. Without BW, the FPS stays smooth and stable.
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timppu: I've noticed that the only kind of third-person view platform jumping games which don't annoy me are:

1. The camera is pretty much fixed behind your character's back so that you always see forward. For some reason this seems to be pretty rare, most such games have wildly spinning cameras changing direction all the time, like Soul Reaver and I think I felt the same way with Mario64.

2. The game has rigid "tank controls" that make it more manageable. The early Tomb Raider games and e.g. Croc: The Legend of the Gobbos fall into this category I think. I recall though that Tomb Raider did very good job also keeping the camera behind your back, unless your back was to a wall and the camera could not position itself there.
dtgreene: What about games with fixed cameras, like Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Crystal Project?
Now a days am playing fun88 an indian game which is giving me payout daily you can also play it with fix cameras.