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Right now I'm playing Sons of the Forest with my friends. Well to be honest so far I like the first part more than this one, but it's also cool and you can have fun with your friends.
I started Cyberpunk again. Listened the Music Contest winners, good stuff. I would play Cyberpunk again if they added New Chip and replaced Keanu with someone.
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Order of Battle WW2, Allies Victorious, D-Day scenario, while referring to Ike's Crusade in Europe WW2 memoir. Troop, ship, and plane initial deployment, plus tactics employed are mirroring those of SHAEF, with similar results. What a stirring experience, like having the great 4-star general at one's elbow, guiding you in spirit, in the adventure of a lifetime. Those were heady and glorious days for The Greatest Generation, who risked everything in the fight for the righteous cause of freedom for all!
As I had written before, I had started Ultima 9: Ascension since 8-2 (24 days ago, that is). I had played and finished the game successfully in early-'21 and this was to be the second time. I also was preparing a 5-star review for it, as I was really having a great time, since I was taking things very slowly in my progression.

I have to inform everyone that, strangely this time, I HAD A MAJOR BUG after playing for this long (24 days, over 60 hours) while in Dungeon of Destard (it's the 7th of 8 dungeons you enter). I don't know if it is to blame the fact that I never deleted a save and at that moment I made my 602nd save. I had made more saves in other games (RPGs).

The type of the crash was for the Avatar to appear without any equipment (as he is when he awakes from bed at the start of the game), but he is on a square flat place with people and creatures (encountered when playing in game) just standing on this place!!! I can't find a photo on the internet to show you and I forgot to take one, I uninstalled the game.

Even after deleting all saves and keeping just 5 of them, the problem continued: Either that land, or anew!
Then I kept those saves I hadn't deleted and re-installed the game but the old saves weren't recognized anymore! The only other way was to start anew. OF COURSE, NOT. I have a backlog.

I will consider the game as "Completed".
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I beat Hogwarts Legacy. Really nails the movie atmosphere but like all open world checklist Ubisoft style games it got boring eventually and I had to rush the ending, which still took too long.

I did a replay of Resident Evil 3 on hardcore and it was fun. Underrated game just because RE2 is better. Ray tracing sucks though, looks worse than having it off. Its low quality causes lots of artifacts and blurring and whatnot.

Playing Atomic Heart and just not enjoying it much... has a really annoying DUDE BRO type main character and other crappy writing, and the open world constant respawning robot sections are annoying as hell.
Currently playing Far Cry 5.

Have no time for the ridiculous storyline -- the reason I sat on the game for years -- but the game's Montana is beautiful and great to hike, hunt, and fish. If you don't follow the story and just wander the mountainous forests, lakes, and marshes, it's actually a quite relaxing experience.

At one of the park "stations" in the game, there's a board with a "Sasquatch warning" notice...

Really made me think this could have been a GREAT survival game with a naturalist / Bigfoot storyline instead of the religious cult. Oh well...
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I bought Might and Magic 10 on a steam sale and played it a bit.
I had played all other games of the Might and Magic series (and finished them except the 9th one), so I was always interested in the 10th one.
The game has the steam and uplay double DRM attacks (no one loves the combination for sure), but I can endure them.
My party is Orc-Berserker, Elf-Sworddancer, Human-Mage, and Elf-Druid. I think they are well-balanced.

And they have beaten the almost first boss in the Naga-Tower, who has a special attack that pushes the party back, and if they were too moved, they would be thrown out from the tower's highest level and immediately dead. Only luck decided this win-or-lose situation... and almost all were bad ends, I reloaded the save file before the battle several times and finally, he moved right side, which means the party can beat him without fear of throwing them out, and did it.
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Atomic Heart is really boring me and I'm waiting on the Outer Worlds "remaster" in a few days, so I loaded up Ghost Runner.

Wow, great art direction, music and gameplay! The fast reflex requirements might be too much for my old bones eventually so who knows if I will finish it, but I really enjoy everything the game is about. Even the extremely thin story is kind of engaging and adds just enough context to your actions.
Cyberpunk again, at lvl 23. Monowire build its so damn fun. I could play it thitrd time if they replaced Keanu with someone else and added new Chip. More boss battles, more combat, more sex and nudity etc. Silicone boobs is what we need.

StingingVelvet: Atomic Heart is really boring me and I'm waiting on the Outer Worlds "remaster" in a few days, so I loaded up Ghost Runner.

Wow, great art direction, music and gameplay! The fast reflex requirements might be too much for my old bones eventually so who knows if I will finish it, but I really enjoy everything the game is about. Even the extremely thin story is kind of engaging and adds just enough context to your actions.
I almost bougtht Ghost Runner last christmas, gotta wait for cheaper prices.
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I finished Cayne during the weekend.
HereForTheBeer: Doing something I rarely do: a back-to-back playthrough of a game. At the end of Van Helsing II, you get some loot drops with much higher stats than seen up until that point. So I'm thinking, well what the hell good does THIS do me? Messed around in the menus and noted that there is a Veteran mode, on top of the difficulty settings.

Apparently Veteran mode allows you to play again with your previous built-up character, so the higher stat loot is usable. Of course, the game levels with you so you're not walking all over the bad guys the next time around, but at least the drops are consistently more powerful, too.

The DLC is inaccessible until you complete a Veteran playthrough, so that was another reason to give it a second go.

The item mechanics - as far as boosting your items - is something I need to dive into this time around. Noticed toward the end of the first playthrough that there was an NPC I didn't notice before. This one is a craft station, and it seems like you're allowed to make customized loot. I'll need to get that NPC back, and then play around with making stuff.
Also at the moment I like to play cs go and open cases on the platform With the help of these cases I get cool skins for my weapons.
Van Helsing II is quite an interesting game, I've been playing it for a long time. Lately I've discovered call of duty games, I really like the graphics and storylines.
I finished Stasis. Very good game with great independent story. Though I would like it to have more connectivity with Cayne's story. It takes place many years afterwards, so no actual sequel.
I hope in Stasis: Bone Totem to continue 1's (John's) story.

Edit: I would like to know what happened to Hadley (from Cayne).
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I finished "Where the goats are" (sold on itchio) and "The Stillness of the Wind", both by Memory of God. I played both of them twice. The first game is 1 hour long (as the developers also mention in the game's readme file), while the second was about 4 hours (for each playthrough I mean).
In Wizardry 3: The Knight of Diamonds for the Game Boy Color, I've had trouble getting a Coin of Power for whatever reason. On both my previous and current playthroughs, it just hasn't dropped, whereas I have seen it in other versions.

To give you an idea, in hunting for one, an enemy dropped a MURAMASA Blade, the strongest weapon in the game (if we don't count a certain evil fighter-only weapon that was added in the GBC version), and which is famous for being hard to get. It is really good, dealing over 200 damage with an attack, but it's still not a Coin of Power, which isn't supposed to be as rare.

By the way, some observations involving the GBC version:
* All classes seem to gain extra attacks every 5 levels.
* Attacks from your weapon stack with those from character levels.
* The map is based on the Famicom/NES/SFC version map, albeit more condensed to fit in a 16x16 area.
* Those familiar with the series may have noticed the odd numbering. This is because, on the Famicom, Legacy of Llylgamyn (Wizardry 3 on computer) got released before Knight of Diamonds (Wizardry 2 on computer). Note that LoL never saw release on the NES, so KoD got its proper numbering of 2 of the NES release.
I bought next-gen Witcher 3 for 15 bucks at LiveCards.

This is gonan be so fun year, Witcher 3, Diablo 4, and BG3. I like Fantasy. Cyberpunk Expansion too.
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