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Mistercosmic: Just finished "Diablo 2" (classic version without LoD) for the first time in my life. Now I need some time to celebrate like noobs do and to rest my soul before I start a new epic RPG, maybe the first Divine Divinity. I also started multiple strategy games (Battle Isle 2, Warlords Battlecry 2 and Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes), which I bought during the last couple of weekend sales and I like them all until now.
With the Necromancer. Very nice! My favorite character.

What are you using for resolution? The pic looks so sharp.
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tinyE: With the Necromancer. Very nice! My favorite character.

What are you using for resolution? The pic looks so sharp.
It's the original resolution of the game (800*600).

The Necromancer is my favorite character, too. I simply love it to stand behind my little army of undead and watch them kill the enemies, while I shout out curses every now and then...well, that sounds weird!
Finished Outlast+Whistleblower last night. It was quite fun while it lasted, but I doubt I'll ever go back to it.

Now playing FEAR 2. The gun sounds and impact seem a little on the weak side. I miss the oomph from FEAR 1. Also, despite the graphical upgrade the amount of post-firefight destruction seems a little low in comparison as well. I blame console shenanigans. *le sigh* I'm still having a good time despite of that though.
Just been playing Hand of Fate and Enter the Gungeon all weekend :D

Hand of Fate starts getting difficult once you get the Scepter from the dealer.
Assassinated Lee Hong in Hitman: Codename 47, the restaurant level is amazing level design, it's still as tough as you remember.

Also did the first brutal jungle mission find the U'wa tribe, I didn't know where I was supposed to be going, took out about 20 dudes and a chopper with a m60. Still just as good as the day it was released, such a winner of a game, better than new games. Ty Gog.

Finished the Jungle God mission with the jaguar. Got killed after I had killed the Tony Montana drug lord in Say Hello To My Little Friend, trying to get into the secret drug lab.
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JudasIscariot: Just been playing Hand of Fate and Enter the Gungeon all weekend :D

Hand of Fate starts getting difficult once you get the Scepter from the dealer.
Do you ever play anything that's not some flavor of roguelike or dungeon-crawler? :D
Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

A sort of adventure/visual novel for the DS, and sequel to Hotel Dusk. This is my second go at it; I tried to play it back in 2011 (according to my save data), but didn't finish it, for reasons I can no longer remember. I think maybe I tried to go into it immediately after Hotel Dusk, and just found the combined twenty-thirty hour playtime a little much. Looking at my save file data, I can see that I actually got quite far into it (chapter eight out of ten), but I only remembered the tiniest bits and pieces, and nothing of plot significance.

It's actually shaping up to be significantly better than Hotel Dusk, imo. I liked Hotel Dusk, but you spent a whole lot of time on nonsense--a big subplot with an author that had nothing to do with anything, and a subplot with a kid who has his money stolen that is only marginally connected to the real story. Last Window has been a lot more tightly focused so far, which is a real improvement. On the downside, some of my game overs seemed pretty arbitrary.

Dark Souls

I'm in the early stages (Undead Parish). It seems to be going OK, but my attempt to build a tank is suffering from the fact that I don't have any decent armor. I probably should have been a knights instead of a bandit. I do keep getting my ass kicked, which I guess is part of the experience, but I'm finding it all pretty enjoyable so far. I'm playing it completely single-player, which I suppose may detract from the experience, but it can't be helped because my internet is crap. I'm also trying to play blind, without looking at walkthroughs or wikis. We'll see how that turns out.
I've been playing Grim Dawn, mostly. I also began to play The Witcher 2 again and Farcry 3 too.

Grim Dawn is quite fun, but I admit that the huge map size intimidates me a bit. There are some aspects of it that I don't like much, like the dungeons that adjust to your level and some pretty unbalanced bosses as well, but overall I'm having a great time.

I got back to where I had stopped playing W2 last year, beginning of Chapter 1. So far every time I try to play the game I fail to get into it enough to keep going, let's hope this time is different, because I really want to finish it and move on to W3.

I'm still at the very start of Farcry 3 and even though I didn't really dig the Teenagers-from-a-slasher-movie band of main characters, I'm enjoying the changes from F2 that I've seen so far.
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Freespace 2

Vanilla GOG version with no mods. I decided I'm now finally done with Freespace 1 + expansion, so now continuing with the sequel. Insane difficulty, currently in the fifth mission I think, not counting the tutorial missions.

It seems ok, graphics are somewhat better than in the first game, but I am a bit unsure about the story. The story in the first game was generally quite nice, unknown threat that makes two enemies join their forces etc. I am not even sure (by the fifth mission) what the story is about in this sequel, I just know that I am fighting some enemies for some reason, and now fighting Shivans too (apparently they didn't get beaten completely in the first game, then).

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Since this seems to work ok on my Windows 7 laptop, I guess I'd try to play it properly (to F4llout: at least I get those signpost pop-ups that you reported are missing for you, I think).

Not sure so far what to think about it, it's ok I guess. The intro movie made absolutely no sense whatsoever to me, what the heck happened in it? Who is that knight suit guy? You? Apparently not, considering what happens in the game _after_ that intro? Hopefully I am able to comprehend the story later on.

Not sure how far I am yet, I just obtained the ability to become a (were)wolf, apparently. That is needed for some platform jumping parts, I guess.
Grim Dawn. This beauty i am going to be playing for a really long time! I am still learning it slowly inside out!

Blade of Darkness! I was lucky enough to get it here before it was removed... In win7 64 bit, with open GL and max resolution + widescreen, it feels like an EPIC cinema film or something, this is simply THE BEST!

Scratches... I can't wait for Asylum to be released, so meanwhile, i am playing this adventure game. I even went through Serena, a very short adventure from the same devs, feels like a demo but was really nice, as well. I was lucky enough to get it here before it was removed...

FEAR 2. Even though i put it on halt (big mecha enemy is killing me bad), i am also playing that. Alma is first rate smexy fap, especially now that she grew up and i really can't wait for that nosebleeding ending, *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*!
Dark Souls III: Oh man... This one is hard right now. I'm out of Dark Souls shape and went back to the first game. for a while. I'm getting murdered left and right by everything. I've forgotten just how tough these games are. It's fun to relearn those muscle memory functions.

Darkest Dungeon: Well, this is interesting to say the least. At least it's fun.

WWE 2K16: I like pro wrestling. I like WWE too. I also like having fun with this game, when closing it doesn't hard freeze my PC.
Men of War, Baldur Gate and Darkest Dungeon
RaceRoomExperience: bought some new cars and tracks recently. Started a custom championship for the NSU TTS, a classic racing car that's really fun to drive.

Formula Truck 2013: a recent acquisition, the only truck racing sim to my knowledge. Racing with these things is very, very different from racing with a car.

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo: big fan of Loeb, big fan of rally games, so of-course I'll like this one. The standout feature is that the stages are scans of the actual real-life stages.

Continuing my playthroughs of Massive Assault, Death To Spies, JULIA Among the Stars and Sins of a Solar Empire.

Death To Spies really surprised me, it's much better than I ever imagined. Gameplay videos do a very poor job of representing the feel of this game. I upped the difficulty on Massive Assault, I started on Easy since so many people commented on the difficulty in this game, but Easy offered me no challenge at all. In contrast JULIA offers me quite a challenge since I'm not good at game puzzles. The details in the scenery is very impressive in this game, it makes the game feel much bigger than it perhaps is. I'm still learning how to play Solar Empire , I did a playthrough on Easy and eventually crushed everything in my path. Yet I still don't feel confident over the mechanics in this game, so I've started another playthrough on Easy hoping my brain will assimilate it better.
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Just started playing Pillars of Eternity. I'm liking it so far but after playing the Witcher games for the past few months I'm finding I have to adjust my mentality while playing an RPG in this style. Like, I just did an early side quest in which I had to help a guy running a windmill fend off a bunch of drunken assholes. I went to the tavern to talk to the drunks and ended up resolving everything by buying them a round of drinks and talking them down nicely. Maybe something will happen later, but I kept thinking that if this was a Witcher game, you'd find out the drunks turned belligerent five minutes after you left and ended up lynching the other guy, or maybe the windmill guy would turn out to be a scumbag who really was jerking the commoners around and was totally asking for it, or something. It's not that PoE lacks grit but it doesn't seem as cynical :)
Just got Dragon Age: Origins (ultimate edition) for PS3, and today in the mail I got Oblivion for PS3, so I imagine those will keep me occupied for a while.

Oh, and as always, Mount & Blade: Warband.
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