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Matewis: Then again, might be impossible to get it running on a modern system :P
timppu: Yeah I wondered about that as IIRC it was an early Windows (9x?) game, and I wouldn't be surprised it has some CD copy protection that at least Windows 10 disagrees with.

Anyway, that is why I have a couple of retro Windows XP/98SE gaming PCs still around. :)
If memory serves I got the demo off of a one of those gaming magazine CDs in the win98 era, and I imagine the copy protection will just be a CD key. But please post some screenshots or something if you manage to get it working one day, if you feel like it of course :)
Musou Orochi Z. It was never translated into english, or ported overseas. One of the two only games, that i have fully played and beaten 100%, while they are in full Japanese.

The crossover between Warriors Orochi and Dynasty Warriors, with a huge roster. Damn, it rocks!
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Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (1993)
Okay, I mention it at every opportunity I get, and compared to some other games in this thread, it's not that obscure, but still not known by many people, I think even less so before it was released on GOG (bundled with the more famous Goldbox games). It's like the turn-based Neverwinter Nights of the 90's, countless high quality modules by the community to download for free.

Also, since this year, A Short Hike (2019). Very cute miniature open world game, perfect for kids, too.

And Fight the Dragon (2014). "Love" would be a bit too much, but I like it quite a bit and put countless hours into it, for the same reason I love FRUA: the user's creativity in building their own adventures. (Of course, just like with FRUA and NWN, there is a lot of garbage produced as well, you need to know where to find the gems among it.)

I also loved Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork (2015), and really enjoyed some other indie games that are not exactly unknown but that I hardly see anyone ever talking about, like Contrast (2013), Gravity Ghost (2015), Card City Nights (2014) or POI (2017).

And back in the days on DOS: Superstar Ice Hockey (1987) and Gargoyle Medieval Pack (1995: Gargoyle, Gargoyle Mania, Gargoyle Revenge).
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7 days to die. I have more hours in this game (that is still in Steam's EA program) than any two games I own. And I have a library of over 400 these days. Naturally I highly recommend it. It's also near completion now.

Gamplay Video of the most recent build (not mine, nor me playing). Though Kage has been playing 7D2D since the begging so I chose his vid.

Edit: And if your curious about the graphics lacking. Don't be, they are not at all. Because this is a voxel game believe it or not ;)
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I know of all sorts of indie games that haven't received the attention they probably deserve, including two of 2019's best games: Smile For Me and Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling.

Smile For Me is a first-person adventure game where you're in a compound filled with unhappy people and have to make them happy (using only found items and your ability to nod and shake your head using your mouse) before some uncertain fate befalls them. Very weird and funny, with just a dash of creepy.

Bug Fables is inspired by the original Paper Mario, but with an expanded scope. The characters are better, the game lasts 40+ hours with almost none of that being wasted time, the soundtrack and art are great across the board, and the whole thing is remarkably polished and charming. I'm blown away that it isn't on GOG.

Outside of indie games, the Deception series. I have trouble getting into Deception: Invitation to Darkness because its first-person view makes the gameplay unnecessarily difficult, and Deception IV is fan service garbage that's filled to the brim with gimmickry, but Kagero: Deception II, Deception III: Dark Delusion, and Trapt are all tons of fun. You set up traps and then murder innocent people (usually on behalf of the devil, willingly or not) with them. It's weirdly engaging.
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This thread reminds of being a PC gamer in high school and everyone I know playing console games and having no idea what I was talking about when I'd bring up stuff like Fallout, Jedi Knight or Quake. All they cared about was Final Fantasy VII and whatnot. The major PC classics we all know and love might as well have not existed for them.

Anyway as for modern stuff... I dunno, I mostly play FPS, RPG and mixes of the two, and most of those are pretty well known. I recently enjoyed Project Warlock and Amid Evil quite a lot though, and those are pretty under the radar games in the mainstream I guess. Mostly because they're PC exclusives and "old school" in style.
Mine is Crystal Story II, definitely the most addicting game I've played. It started as a free one-man Flash JRPG (back when people would upload their own full games for free on Flash game websites). I have actually exchanged emails with the developer and he seemed a very friendly, down-to-earth guy.

The graphics may not seem much and the main plot is a cliché, but it is sooo much fun. There is a lot of humor, characters are memorable (even NPCs), and the flexible levelling system allows a lot of freedom to customize your party. The turn-based combat is easy to understand but you will never stop discovering new intricacies as you unblock new skills and meet new enemies. In true JRPG fashion, there are several optional minigames (from fishing to lockpicking chests and snowboarding). And the boss fights are something to remember!

There is a premium version on Steam that adds a new zone and includes the first game in the series as a bonus. Sadly, it was rejected by GOG. :(

Community wishlist entry, if someone gets interested.
Vendor-Lazarus: Harbinger (
A Sci-Fi H'n'S.
I think it's the only Science-Fiction diablo-clone I've come across..Ever.
If anyone know of another one, please let me know!
While being rather short, and the levels a bit bland, the voice-acting and humor goes a long way.

Lost Empire: Immortals (
A Sci-Fi 4X. (I love science-fiction and space!)
It does have a few drawbacks, being hard to get to work on modern OS's, or even contemporary ones..
It's also not especially original with its research or..anything.
It does have the most amazingly beautiful galaxy though, and the largest I've come across at 5000 stars.
If you looking for more sci/space hack n slah games, then checkout: Space Hack
Game is very grindy and theres very low variety in character building. But if you liked Harbinger, i think you will like this one too.

Then theres also: Space Siege

But you probably know this one. From the creators of Dungeon Siege.

Also, thanks for the tip on Lost Empire, looks i might like it :)
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high rated
Sacred 2 Gold is undeservedly underrated. It's a huge open world Diablo 2 style RPG and although only single player, it can keep one busy for years trying out all of the characters and the variety of their individual builds. There is a marvelous patch that performs a minor transformation into what the game was intended by using textures and such that was never included in any previous patch and had been absent in the game until just over a year ago. It's a steal when purchased on sale at its already low price.
I like to play Dota 2. But my friends didn't know about this game. So I feel bad because if they had known this game. It will be fun to play with them.
Gengar78: Pathologic 2. You can still find fans of the original who don't know this already came out, its crazy. This is a very good story-based open-world survival game that shouldn't be overlooked. The devs have plans to add 2 more character campaigns, so there's even more to come!
+1 and I generally wish Ice-Pick Lodge games got wider recognition ;)

Other than that, I really liked Winter Voices, sadly Kickstarter for second season failed, game is now free on steam ( and last epilogue episode is being in development.

Yesterday I started playing To Be or Not To Be and I've never had so much fun with Choose Your Own Adventure book, but that humour might not be everyone's cup of cake.

Downfall doesn't seem to get as much attention as The Cat Lady, even though it's pretty good (I often encountered people who like Cat Lady, but never heard about Downfall).
Leejohnson156: I like to play Dota 2. But my friends didn't know about this game. So I feel bad because if they had known this game. It will be fun to play with them.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss ;P
Hostile Waters Anteus Rising
7,62 High Calibre and even older Brigade E5: New Jagged Union were way better than this one. Marauder was made under cruel circumstances for Apeiron, and lack of source material, which was taken by 1C.

By the way, the recently released Narcos: Rise of the Cartels doesn't remotely has such elaborated tactical deepness than those games I have mentioned.
Since people are going old skool, I'll throw an old NES title and an old PC one in to the mix then myself. No one new the NES game Robowarrior when I was playing it. Let alone now...

And to this day I have fond memories of an old game on PC (pre Win95 on DOS) called Scorched earth. It was the original Worms style game AFAIK.

Guess I just dated myself with those entries lol XD

EDIT: Several edits later the scorched earth link is still borked, and nothing I can do will seem to fix it. If you're savvy enough though you'll be fine I suppose :)
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