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My nephew. He's one ugly bar stool.
PacMan on pension...
A very crowded gigantic aquarium.
Creepy alien playing a flute.
A crab without claws.
KItty with sinusitis.
That baby from the terrible PlayStation 3 commercial.
Poster about maintaining discipline from the Classical antiquity.
Alien street busker.
Diapers, screaming, making a mess of everything within reach, the risk of accidents; those are just the most obvious reasons that even if I do ever adopt, it'll be a well-behaved preteen.
An action movie with closed captions.
Cabbage patch feline doll.
my annoying bold gardener
A weird Pokémon. Reminds me of the ralts.

(On a side note/question: It is hard for me to see the avatar. If you do not mind, could you tell me what the avatar is?)
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Aqua's nemesis