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"feels good man"
Austin Powers and Machete Kills are both movies with bra-guns, which I find mentally inseparable from early Lara's pyramid-chest.
Classical art & image macros.

And of my distant past, where I was raised in the church.
Yoshi after a long night of decadence and debauchery.
^ falling asleep while listening to his girlfriend talk about her day on the phone
A man interested in teen drama about relationships.

Example shown above my post!
There's this one frog with transparent skin and spiders don't know its silhouette through a leaf when they see it.
It reminds me of a subtitled movie showing angry dogs trying to bite through a bag full of quarreling cats.
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It's dangerous to go alone, take this.
^ a disillusioned devil child peering out the window of a magenta room
A sharp critic who has never rated anything 10/10 in his/her life
There's this one frog where the dad grows a mustache made of thorns to protect the eggs until they hatch.
Video games with such tiny captions that it's impossible to read basic information.
A legendary polish video "How will you spend New Year's Eve? I'll be playing a game...".
Ice Cube