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^ graceful art endures through time and space
It's almost like a Reeban Electro-Fish! Ruuuuun! (Or swim... yeah, swim might be better)
Night changing into day on a big mountain. Somewhere near the top indians are still burning a huge bonfire and calling spirits.
It's my ship, I go commando whenever I like.
Staru Warus directed by Lucasaki :p
the pink cadillac those Mary Kay ladies drive.
wizard dino
nice to see Cuban's and Yanks on friendly terms:-)
^ hugs help heal hearts
A fish ready to do some sumi-e painting.
what does the fox say? (i really have that song in my head now)
My dad has a motion-sensitive camera strapped to a tree in the wood just behind their house. The intention was to photograph some deer, but all the pics are coyotes. Coyotes up near the camera are clearly lit, but those in the background (farther from the flash) are just silhouettes-- with the exception of their eyes, which reflect the flash super well and glow brightly.

Yikes, intercepted.

Sage's pic reminds me of my brother who works in an animal shelter.
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For some reason, all I can see your avatar as is Green Tentacle form Maniac Mansion on blue fire flying through space.
Kitsune or the dog totem from Shadowrun on the SNES.
Halloween (film)