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staring... straight into my soul...
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The part of a Rorschach test that excites robots.

Edit to clarify
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For years they kept saying "Smoking kills", "Smoking gives cancer", "You will stink just a little less than the horse's arse"... But look at this creature! A living proof of what is a modern day's Fountain of Youth
There was once a legend... About an infamous pirate... Captain Jack Sparrow! 'Tis not him though...
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Might be choosing to sit in an inappropriate manner, but that doesn't mean that an eye isn't being kept on you.
Forever young, since 1940-whogivesashit
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Dislikes criticism over seating mannerisms, while waiting for genitalia to arrive.


Something suffering from a toothache, and a nasal condition.
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^still reminds me of Roger Rabbit's buddy, Baby Herman
Chinese junk.
'murican muscles
Swedish blonde.
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