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My email to GOG just now:


Ever since GOG pulled Devotion and lied about the reasons (blaming "gamers" even though the thousands of comments about this on social media, from gamers, for weeks, are all asking for the game - obviously GOG was lying about the reason), many of us long term customers and supporters have been angry at GOG for the decision, the lying, and (on top of that) the continuing silence.
GOG has not replied to any of the thousands of social media comments and posts about this.
That actually goes against your own policy on your website:
Direct contact with GOG Team
"Have a question, need help or you just want to talk about great PC games? Reach out on GOG forums, tweet at us or drop us a message on Facebook, and we'll get back to you."
GOG has not got back to any of the thousands of commenters, so that's a further lie to your customers.
As with many others, I have changed my policy.
- I refunded any orders from the last 30 days (first ever refund)
- Deleted my GOG wishlist
- Didn't buy anything in the sale
- Made sure I spoke about this on social media.
I won't be buying from GOG again until you sort this out (nor will I buy CD Project games like Cyberpunk from another store).
As others have said, I have enough games to last me a lifetime already here, on Steam, and on Itch (probably hundreds that I haven't played yet). For the first time in two years I bought games in Steam's Winter Sale (and none in GOG's). Steam is shit and I know it, so I have low expectations and am not disappointed. Gog seriously disappointed me.
Unless this gets resolved I'll go back to how I was a few years ago and get all my games on Steam (if heavily discounted, to make up for the DRM) and Itch (full price if indie and DRM-free).
(Oh, and to top it off, GOG threatened me with closing my Forum account because I posted about the Devotion issue and they vaguely said it broke their forum guidelines.)
It's weird how a company can have a super-loyal customer, and via a number of bad decisions that they double down on, make that customer so angry that they lose all their goodwill and will no longer recommend them or support them.
I've no idea how to get all this alienation noticed by the people at GOG who have the power to change anything. If those in charge of GOG were doing their job properly they would be aware of all this already, and would have resolved the situation (and if they were competent they'd have avoided it in the first place). But, just in case the decisions are made by people who don't pay attention to the public mood, this really needs forwarding to them. The board and senior directors should be passed all the comments, emails, posts, blog posts, forum posts, Tweets, Facebook comments etc on this issue so they can see how much they have upset people.
It's still not too late to fix it.
All they have to do is release Devotion (as agreed);
give an honest explanation (not the disingenuous tweet) as to how it happened and who was responsible for the policy and ensuing silence (since it is obvious GOG staff have been told not to comment, by someone higher up who just wants the issue to go away) and apologise for lying about "gamers" when the obvious real reason is adoption of Chinese censorship; and make sure you have policies in place against lying to your customers.
Please pass that on to the senior GOG staff. At present I can't tell if they are oblivious to the situation (which would suggest a huge level of ineptitude and unsuitability for the role), or if they enjoy lying to and insulting the intelligence of their long-term customers (which is reprehensible).
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What can CDPR do to restore the lost trust?
I will interpret the question as "What can CDPSA (including CDPR & GOG) do to restore the lost trust?"

1. Replace those in control of the company: Board, Management, etc

2. Remove 'RED' from the company name of the CDPR part.

3. Fire other misdoers in the company which proactively or sheepishly participated in the misdoings.

4. Explain properly what happened with CP2077 & Devotion and apologize for your misdoings.

5. Release Devotion.

6. Make a lot of nice public promises for a better future including the following ones:
a) Announce a list of values
b) Fix CP2077
c) Do not release stuff in an unfinished state
d) Do not censor the forums
e) Remove DRM from CP2077 & NMS
f) Do not deceive gamers or investors
g) Interact with customers on the forum in respect to all the promises

7. Make sure all that in 6 is actually done.
pretty good list Zrevnur
And he still insists CP77 has DRM... clearly you don t understand what DRM is.

Whats 2 supposed to mean? o.O
Yes, i share the point that the Studio itself needs better management.
Removing the board from the control over the company means SUICIDE
for the Studio, if they really choose to give away their majority of stock.
(which means as long as they have it CDPR is independent)
we ll see CDPR we know die, so be really careful what you wish for.

Or at least be more clear. Fire misdoers also quite the generalising term...
and subjective... who is the deciding part on this? Hm? We all know what
happend with Devotion, so yeah redundant. We also know why CP77 is
in the state it is in... only explaining that is needed why they retreated
from the vision (better one imo) shown in 2018.

At least in point 5 you re right, they should release Devotion on GoG, because
it is the right thing to do, after that sneaky pull and the shady "reason" behind it.
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I would like to see Devotion released here but I'd much rather they release it with the Winnie the Pooh reference.
Refund my physical copy of Cybrrpunk 2077 atleast with GOG credits. Looks like everyone (digital pc copies, ps4 , xbox physical and digital) have a way to refund but no option for all PC Physical Copy buyers. Im sad because i took a 2 week leave during the holidays hoping to dive deep into this game and hace a grear time but bugs, game crashes and BSODs already ruined my experience. All that im asking are GOG funds so i can buy a "working game" and still support their DRM Free platform.
I don't know. I think whatever they "lost" from Cyberpunk will be regained with a steady stream of support. Fact is, it wasn't really trust they lost. More they exposed themselves. They are willing to release games before they are ready. They are willing to censor products on behlaf of foreign governments. It's not so much that I don't trust them anymore, rather, I am saddened to know they are a corporation first like the worst of them and the "gamers" are second to their bottom line. Whatever. I'm not beat up over it, but their constant charade and pretending needs called out from now.. I don't like Angry Joe, but he said it very well. CDPR can sit down with the rest of them, they aren't any better and they can stop acting like it.

I'm not boycotting them, or worried about their future. They will be fine. I'm definitely not putting them up on a pedestal anymore though. There was a time a when I would wait for a GOG release. No more. DRM or not. This is now a full on secondary store to steam for me, and steam isn't any better but at least I enjoy using their store and it's not such an archaic mess like GOG's.
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Anakin-Skywalker: Let me know your thoughts
Most importantly, they could stop lying. GOG used to excel at open communication with their customers many years ago. CDPR might try that, to regain lost trust. Openly apologize and be honest and forthcoming about the state of the game and about all their decisions.

So much for CDPR. But what could GOG do to regain lost trust?

1. stop selling games with partial DRM (Absolver, NMS, ...)
2. stop selling games with full DRM through Galaxy (Epic-deal)
3. stop selling Galaxy exclusive 'incentives', like for Cyberpunk 2077. Anything 'Galaxy exclusive' requires Galaxy by definition and is therefore a breach of the 'always optional' promise. Make every offline-installer version equal to the Galaxy version, as promised.
4. start selling Devotion or at the very least be honest about the reason why they don't sell it. The "many gamers" lie is just insulting.

Those are things that they COULD do. Other things, that I would like them to do, but which at this point aren't feasible anymore is:
5. force all devs to add drm-free multiplayer to those games that don't have it so far (LAN or direct IP or dedicated server)
6. stop distributing GWENT through GOG or make it optionally DRM-free (with a fixed set of cards, microtransactions won't work, of course)
Not be censored like Isaac Kappy.
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this whole thread is just a social engineering effort for ammunition to be used in the lawsuit against CDPR
I've been hearing a lot about how CDPRED messed all that up and even mentions of fraud, lies, and modified game footage to make it look good before pre-orders. And that kept me thinking in the back of my head. Nothing can really be done about the lies, deceits, and misinformation but I believe I came to the conclusion why things ended up like this.

CDP RED aimed high and fell short.

For years, we kept reading about how BIG this game would be. That one region would be as big as the whole Witcher 3 land and would be 3 times in size. They wanted to make the best game ever created and unfortunately lacked the resources to achieve that.

I do not blame them. I often do it myself as well. When I start an engineering project, writing a new software with python or C++, or even sometimes cooking for my friends and family, I often want it to be perfect and we end up ordering pizza because the meal isn't ready yet :)

So here I want to ASK A QUESTION to all of you gamers. Would you not prefer if CYBERPUNK 2077 was 1/3 the size in the area, but it was actually a finished and polished product?
Lying about it being an RPG, faking their hugely hyped 2018 demo........

Their rep isn't getting any better any time soon. I know I'll spend the rest of my days throwing this back at them every time they they come out with something else.

I want the game they faked... anything short of that isn't enough.

Take it off the market and come back in three years with CP 2077 2.0.. that's the only way I'd even be willing to look at them ever again... not necessarily believe them or buy their product... that's just to get me to even half way consider them relevant.

... at least I have finally learned a very big lesson though. I now know that ANY COMPANY who releases publicity material with "not representative of final game" plastered all over it.... are just simply lying to us.
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Nah.. this thread doesn't disappear just yet, CDPR still have a lot of swinging to do.
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Tormentfan: Nah.. this thread doesn't disappear just yet, CDPR still have a lot of swinging to do.
get a life
With such a huge game like the game that this is about it's inevitable bugs will slip through and there'll be problems here and there.. but CDPR isn't going to let the game stay broken.. I've seen many games where it's like "this game is broken" and the company is like "well we don't care so we're just gonna let it stay broken" and believe me I've been gaming since 89. I'm not gonna comment on the console version because I don't have any experience with it. I don't really do consoles except nintendo consoles soooooooo... yeah.. I think they released it too early but it was probably a "damned if you do damned if you don't" situation. If they said the game's still not ready, people would get mad.. if they released it, people would get mad.. soooooooo.... there's really no easy answer to it.