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Still reading The Darkest Wand by fellow GOGer Tallima :P
Solar1313: Mere Chrstianity, C.S. Lewis.
Take from that what you will :P
I read that awhile ago. Don't remember much about it, though.

My fiancee got me a leather bound collection of H.P Lovecraft. Never read any of his stuff, so I started tonight with 'The Tomb.' Was pretty darn good. Ambiguous without being frustrating or insulting. And I find the roundabout prose to be unintentionally amusing.
Richard Dawkins - Unweaving the Rainbow,
Weiss & Hickmann - Dragons in the Archives,
Hemingway - A farewell to arms (bit boring until now),
final part of a trilogy about the history of my hometown (dates back to roman times, now the 19th century),
'100 philosophers'

Never read it before, saw it was free for Kindle so figured yeah why the hell not. It's really entertaining so far, is it even possible for a person to hate the original story of Dracula?
It's awesome reading it and seeing all the cliches before they were cliches
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The Hunger Games
Rise of the Governor (the first Walking Dead novel)
Moneyball (pretty interesting even if you don't like baseball)
Magician (inspired by the Krondor games)
Brandon Sanderson - The Alloy of Law
Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins--a YA fantasy book that I have on my Kindle for some inexplicable reason. I probably picked it up as an Amazon daily deal, maybe? Not terrible, but I certainly don't plan to finish the series.

Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, by Philip K. Dick--interesting premise (although probably not in any way unique), with a good execution. I'll probably read more by him (I read another book by him before, but I can't remember its name, or any of the characters, or what it was about, or ... well, anything, so I guess it wasn't very memorable to me. This seems better).

The Scholars, by Wu Ching-tzu. trans. Gladys Yang--a satire of the exam system of 17th century China. Much funnier than it sounds.

Women-to-Women Sexual Violence: Does She Call it Rape, by Lori B. Girshick--Pretty much as awful as it sounds.
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The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Very good if you're into books in general as it is a book about books. Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" is based on this.
Reading through Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and later The Return of the King for the first time. I would have gotten through these a hell of a lot earlier if I had my kindle, as opposed to the massive 3-in-1 collection I have as a physical copy.
Currently re-reading Asimov's "Earth is Room Enough". His best work, in my opinion.
A Conflict of Visions - Thomas Sowell
I'm going to start "The Hobbit" in preparation for the movie.
Factotum by Charles Bukowski
Starting Orphan's Journey by Robert Buettner.
I'm currently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. So far, it's very good. :)

I'm curious, how many people are reading physical copies and how many are reading ebook versions of their aformentioned books?