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Dax Riggs - "Night Is the Notion", "Death Don't Have No Mercy", "Lungs"
The Dodos - "Men"
(all versions)
80's Spanish Post-Punk FTW!

Paralisis Permanente - Grabaciones Completas
AIRGLOW - Memory Bank
Catherine - Yo
Brian Hyland - Sealed with a Kiss
Mulligan meets Monk
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Volbeat - Seal The Deal
Colin Towns - Theme from Full Circle (The Haunting of Julia)
Hanz Zimmer - Angels & Demons
Boa - Duvet
"Another M" by Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo a.k.a. Sammus

Cybernetic Armor
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Mighty Morphing (Official Video) by SΔMMUS
Antimateria: I miss Bosc0s taste of music.
I'm here - Fear not :D

David Gravell - Stay Awake (Extended Mix)

Also, someone somewhere is trying to get me into cocaine... found both of these within the space of a few hours... Guess it helps me stay awake though XD

Kill The Noise & Feed Me - I Do Coke (Ephwurd Remix)

Cocaine - Phantoms

Think this is right up your alley Jean-Michel Jarre - Exit (feat. E.S.) . Got a very Goa feel, without going full Goa...
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(in celebration of the reunion news)

Misfits - Astro Zombies (Plan 9 Version)

Misfits - Hatebreeders

Misfits - Hybrid Moments