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The Electric Chamber - Pieces In A Modern Style
Azhdar: Very nice HampsterStyle. :)
Thank you, friend! :)

I brake for strings! :)

Mason <span class="bold">William</span>s - The Mason <span class="bold">William</span>s Phonograph Record - Classical Gas (1968)
Area Code 615 - Trip in the Country - Classical Gas (1970)
Shocking Blue - Live in Japan - Classical Gas (1971)
The Shadows - String of Hits - Classical Gas (1979)
Mason <span class="bold">William</span>s and Mannheim Steamroller - Classical Gas - Classical Gas (1987)
Tommy Emmanuel - Classical Gas - Classical Gas (1995)

Johnny <span class="bold">William</span>s - Philadelphia International Classics: The Tom Moulton Remixes - Slow Motion (2012)
Original Johnny <span class="bold">William</span>s - Slow Motion (Part One) (1972)

Average White Band - AWB - Pick Up the <span class="bold">Pieces</span> (1974)
Funky Purrfection Version (7 min. mix)

A.A.B.B. (Above Average Black Band a.k.a. The J.B.'s) - Pick Up the <span class="bold">Pieces</span> One By One (1975)
<i>Answer Song</i> for appropiating the base line from <i>The J.B.'s - Food for Thought - Hot Pants Road</i> (1972)

The Jacksons &lrm;&ndash; The Jacksons - <span class="bold">Style</span> of Life (1976)

"<i>This <span class="bold">Will</span> Be</i>"

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Magenta - Prekestolen.

Definitely a place that I want to visit. Maybe next summer...
Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya (Outkast cover)
Donkeys - Don't Go
Ya'll get a bonus today.

The Exploited - Punks Not Dead
Hammock - Like a Valley With No Echo, from the album An Introduction to Hammock, Vol. 2
Imperia - Silence Is My Friend
Some random Irish and medieval tavern music on youtube. The atmosphere is nice!
Loreena McKennitt - Tango to Evora
Dessimu: Some random Irish and medieval tavern music on youtube. The atmosphere is nice! ;)
That was the most psychotic beer thing I ever had!
Ernesto Lecuona - Rapsodia Cubana
Spectre - Theme Song, obviously.
GTA V - Pisswasser Radio Commercial